10 Google Android Apps to Protect Your Phone from Virus
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10 Google Android Apps to Protect Your Phone from Virus

Protecting pertinent data on your mobile devices, is the best and one of the most important steps you need to taken in while using your google androids mobile phone? On the internet today, many applications software is available for download that you can use to protect your mobile phone from virus and especially google android. Therefore, in this article, I will be showing you the top ten most popular and very functioning applications that can help you keep your android phone at peace without virus.

#1. Phone Spam Blocker USA

Spammers are on the rise again, they send email messages for the purpose of getting something they don’t work for from you, they spam people with information that they don’t really need, all this for the purpose of their stupid reason to make money without doing anything but to make others cry.

If you notice that a particular number is calling your or sending you an unrelated messages and you don’t really request and willing to get that type of message from them. Then, the solution is here. Phone Spam Blocker USA will help you protect yourself and your mobile phone from getting spam messages and call from a particular number. To add a number to your mobile phone spamming number list, you will just search for the contact on your phone and report them as a suspicious phone spamming number.

Another great thing that this app do is that it helps you stay up to date with your data and also helps in securing your data from others. You can restore your privacy and is of help in protecting your identity and data from being stolen on your phone.

#2. Lookout Mobile Security

An antivirus application will help you scans all the software applications on your phone on daily and weekly basis according to your settings. This application can perform a multitasking option by helping you scan your computer while also helpful in backing up your data and pertinent file from loss. It can scan your mobile phone root folder automatically and help you solve any problems relating to insecurity in the phone.

It is free to download from the internet as at present but there is a premium version of it that goes for $2.99 per month while you can get it for a whole year at the rate of $30 ($29.99).

#3. Antivirus Laser

Now that everything is becoming fun while using android and many other phones, you can now delete virus from your phone by playing game. Isn’t that sound funny?

You can use it to delete and freeze virus from taking over your android mobile phone. This application has free and paid version.

4#. AntiVirus Free

Antivirus Free is an android mobile phone protection tool that you can use to scan your android mobile phone and help you protect your data from viruses and malware and spyware infection to keep your computer at the good condition. It also works just like the Phone Spam Blocker USA by helping you scan your mobile phone memory and remove all forms of spam message and even block them at most times, it can also helps you sort out knotty files and folders from the phone and delete them at most times.

#5. Smart Guard Mobile Security

Just like the name, smart, this app works great, it helps you protect your mobile phones from any form of viruses’ infection. It has additional features like antispyware and anti-spamming feature to secure and protect your mobile phone. It supports secured wireless internet, sharing, and backup. It works smartly.

Another thing that you can get from this phone is that it has many options like Call Blocker, Sim Card guardian, Find Phone through GPS (an app that allows you to find and trace other mobile phone via GPS tracking system), Remote Locking, and Auto Pinging etc.

#6. Super Security

This application offers you cloud based antivirus protection that help you protect your data from others by hiding them. It has anti-malware and a device manager that work just the same like windows one. It also has option that can help you find a missing device and fix them on your phone. It supports free internet download also.

#7. Aegislab Antivirus

Aegislab antivirus is an antivirus application that helps you identify all forms of malware on your android mobile phone with the help of its ability to stay up to date with the malware market in order to know the root of a malware application on your mobile phone. It also works as a phone security tool that helps you find and stop background transmission of data on your android mobile phones that normally inflate the bill of the users due to large bandwidth consumption. You can also read more about bandwidth protection here.

#8. Doctor Web Antivirus

Doctor Web (known as Dr. Web antivirus) is an antivirus application that helps you protect your android mobile phones from the attack of viruses and malware. It has additional feature that can help you scan your mobile phone CPU within some seconds and fish out all forms of confrontation of virus on your mobile computer. It has residual resident protection that helps shield your phone from unwanted calls and SMS, and added with flexible system configuration and a good user experience interface.

#9. Aegislab Antivirus Elite

This application is an advanced version of the Aegislab Antivirus. It works better by helping your protect your mobile computer from viruses by offering you real-time CPU scanning option that can keep your android phone off the book of virus infected mobile phones. Also, it has an option where you can use it to lock your phone and can also be used to remove all forms of virus and locating of missing files on your mobile PC.

#10. AVG Antivirus

AVG is the world best company that offers mobile and PC security tools that can make you enjoy your device performance. It offers real-time scanning and can delete all forms of infected files from your android mobile phone. It will help you remove viruses and malware on your phone and can be use to locate any files that has lost on your mobile computer. You can also use it to locate any lost device via its GPS option(so your friend phone can now be tracked if stolen by thieves) and help protect your android phones from spammers through SMS or call.

The AVG Antivirus application scans and deletes all viruses and malware in your mobile phones. This app also helps find lost devices via GPS and helps protect your Androids from SMS spammers.

In conclusion

Protecting your google android mobile phone is the best way to stay afloat of all forms of insecurity means that can try to compromise your mobile phone. Use some of the applications listed above and use them to combat all forms of viruses and malware application that can harm your mobile phone.

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    November 25, 2014 at 6:35 am

    Great tools… as we can do them without apps, but does SmrtGuard Mobile Security Android Lost app work on android 4.0.3. It works great on Android 2.3 but not so on android 4.0?

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