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Android Market sales surpasses iPhone by six folds

Android Vs iOS

There is a new report showing the estimate of the mobile Operating System platform, it revealed that the Android is been embraced by consumers six times faster than the iPhones, even the new iPhone 5 suffer in the ordeal. The Samsung Galaxy S III is the father of them all in the staple of Androids; analysts made a report recently that the Samsung Galaxy S III has surpass 30 million units in sales.

Android Vs iOS

Mary Meeker, KPCB analyst reported to the San Francisco audience urgently about the internet trend through the report on Tech Crunch, displaying some figures, and the most prominent among the figure is the rate at which the Android devices are being  consumed six times than the iPhone, it grew four times than Meeker’s data in May 2012.

For real, more Android phone enters the market in a year than the iOS phones.

Android Vs iOS

More interesting news in the report reveals that Android has now taken the championship over from Windows as the most widely used platform for internet devices. For the installed devices, smartphone and tablets still submits to PCs, but as Meeker’s believe, by the end of second quarter in 2013, smartphone and tablets will be ruling even with the recent introduction of the Windows 8.

Meeker further prediction says, by the time 2013 will be ending, the Android devices that will be shipped per quarter will be 160 million while Windows devices will in its 100 million, as the iOS devices will be moving around 80 million.

Another note Meeker had taken was that the iPad is now growing in being embraced five times than the iPhone, as the report was three times in May.

As for the data that was able to go into compilation as at the present, Smartphone users had hit 1 billion, while mobile phone users are around 5 billion for the world statistics. This is showing that the dominant mobile phone platform in 2012 are the ones that provide customers with cheaper smartphone, especially in developing nations where Smartphone still looks too expensive.

The market is very friendly for Google with its Android platform, and it is planning to continue the dominance over the months and years.

Are you an Android, iOS or Windows Phone lover? Lets hear you out!

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  1. Rubina

    November 24, 2012 at 10:42 am

    I am totally an android lover….I completely agree with the point that Android is more widely chosen by consumers…It’s affordable price is another strong reason for which I bought it…

    • Olukunle Moses

      November 25, 2012 at 9:31 am

      Yea, the price is the main fact people chose Android, and the platform is run by a variety of phone makers. Thanks for taking your time here.


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