Anonymous - War On Orlando
+234 816 619 6130 Monday - May 22, 2017

Anonymous Declares – War On Orlando

The group known as Anonymous has said that they are not yet ready to stop taking down websites that relates to the city of Orlando down as long as the government continue to arrest some of their member as they continue to feed hungry people on the street of Florida.

Yesterday, the Anonymous declare that they are going to pull down the website of Orlando Florida Guide, a website which was owned by an organization known to be Utopia. This organization administrator name was Steven Ridenour. This development shows that any website that relates to the name Orlando or have anything to do with the Orlando in general is not free from this attack sooner or later.

The Anonymous group said that they are going on a suicide pull down of many more websites that has anything to do with Orlando due to what the government is trying to do by putting law on them not to give food to the hungry people and by the arrests of some of their members and the later which is the arrest of their group leader known as Keith McHenry that was arrested recently.

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