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November 23, Apple Black Friday Sales

Apple Black Friday

As you know, Apple offers the most expensive product in town, most of Apple competitors uses the pricing to their advantage to catch up with Apple in sales, but still, Apple is still rated as the leading in its line of business. As expensive as the Apple products are, there used to be a day grace which Apple always seriously cut down the prices of its product and it is usually a Friday, the Black Friday.

Apple Black Friday

Apple announces Black Friday deals

The one day Black Friday Apple sales that offers discount to customers is tomorrow, November 23, some of the products Apple will be offering at a discounted price is already been announced.

Some of the Black Friday products will be going down as much as 10% – 15%, and this could be cut up to a whooping of $100 on a MacBook Air, and up to $60 of the iPad. I think my friend at could order his dream iPad for tomorrow, as the $60 is enough to go with shipping.

The full list of the Black Friday product has not being released, but the holiday shopping is already being announced on Apple’s official site.

The Black Friday sales will be kicking off on midnight PST on Friday, Nov 23. You can order your choice product if it falls in the list online on Apple retails stores for the full hours. And if you won’t like an online deal, you can take a stroll down to the Apple store, choose a product and pay with the Apple’s EasyPay app on the iOS.

International visitors can also benefit from the Black Friday offer as this sale is not limited to the United States audience alone. as well as other retail store will be part of the Black Friday festival.

As this is a great opportunity to save some bucks to purchase directly from Apple, other retailers online and resellers of the Mac also have their own Black Friday offers too.

If you have been planning an Apple product to keep you busy on the holiday season, it’s time to dish out from you savings and make a better utilization of the Black Friday to get an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, iMac, and other Apple product you have always desire.

Feel free to tell us if you are anxious of tomorrow!



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