Apple iPad Updates: See the Launch of the iPad 3 and the rests
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Apple iPad Updates: See the Launch of the iPad 3 and the rests

Hey folks, thanks for being there throughout the last few weeks when I’m not available here. I have some days off Techatlast due to some internet connectivityy issues in my country, Nigeria. But now, I’m back with a good news that I have for you, the Apple iPad tagged as the NEW IPAD has been unveiled on Wednesday by Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple Inc.

We couldn’t give you all the information about life coverage of the event in detailed this time due to some circumstances beyond our control, but, we promise to bring everything as it went in San Francisco to you tomorrow with every footage of how the new iPad was released alongside its Apple TV box.

But to give you an idea of what you should be expecting in tomorrow post about the total roundup information about the iPad, I have here some nice pictures to show you of the new iPad and the Apple TV user interface which has worn a new look.

Kindly enjoy and do give your comments and also read some other articles we’ve covered in the past few weeks about the Apple iPad, iPhone 5 and others – both rumors and real news about them….thanks a lot 🙂


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a new baby ipad

Behold the New iPad

Tim Cook unveiling iPad

Tim Cook unveiling the iPad in San Francisco


new ipad

newly born ipad with nice outlook and graphic quality

 LTE ipad

LTE powered ipad
cool ipad camera features

cool ipad camera features

a new Apple TV User interface uncovered

The new Apple TV User interface uncovered

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