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  • Advantages of Online Backup

    Advantages of Online Backup

    Online backup is also referred to as web-based backup, internet backup or remote backup. It is a procedure which involves storing files and folders in secure data centers on the internet. Online backup has the following advantages. 1. Automation Traditional backup methods required human intervention. Someone had to manually backup data on a daily basis.

  • 5 Checklist for Choosing Web Hosting Companies

    5 Checklist for Choosing Web Hosting Companies

    Every day, there is someone starting a new site or transferring an existing site to a different web hosting company. The following are five important things you need to consider before settling for any web hosting provider. Checklist for Web Hosting Companies Money-back guarantee/Trial period You need to find out if the web hosting company

  • Tips for Rectifying Search Engine Ranking Problems

    Many people experience search engine ranking problems at one time or another, periods when their websites cannot be easily found in search engines. What are some of the most common problems and how can they be fixed? 1. Lack of links This is a major issue which prevents sites from attaining a high search engine

  • Useful Guidelines for Viral Marketing Campaigns

    Useful Guidelines for Viral Marketing Campaigns

    Viral marketing involves marketing tactics aimed at increasing brand awareness based on pre-existing social networks. It operates by way of self-replicating viral procedures, which is somewhat similar to how pathological viruses spread. Viral marketing is normally delivered either by word of mouth or through the internet. People are encouraged to pass along marketing messages voluntarily.

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