Pros and Cons of Automated SEO Services

The internet is a world of great opportunities for small and big business owners from all parts of the world. However, the competition in this world seems to be getting more intense after every other day. Therefore, it is safe to say that no business can survive or perform up to the standards without doing an effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Now, most of the business owners on the internet understand the importance of SEO services. Thus, they are always looking forward to adopt the latest strategies and technologies to outperform their competitors.

Automated SEO service is one of such new techniques that have become a very debatable topic among the SEO experts from all over the world. Some experts believe that automated SEO services can produce rapid results while some of the other experts believe that it does not have any benefits. So, let’s have a look at a few of the basic pros and cons of Automated SEO services:

Pros of Automated SEO Services

It saves you time 

Saving time is the biggest benefit of using Automated SEO services.  Generally speaking, manual SEO optimization requires a lot of time and effort to carry out an effective optimization campaign.

So, if you leave the optimization part for automated software, you can concentrate on far more important aspects of your business. For instance, you can give more time to producing high quality services or products instead of focusing on how to optimize the website.


Other than spending most part of your time, manual optimization will also require you to be focused and committed to the task. Since repetitive actions during the campaign can become pretty boring and dull, automated SEO service will keep you relaxed.


Do you employ Automate SEO services for your website promotion?

Con of Automated SEO Services

It increases chance of getting marked as spammer

There is no doubt that Automated SEO services may be helpful to a certain extent, but there are plenty of tradeoffs as well. For instance, the repetitive description of your website is one of those actions that may get you blocked by any of the popular search engines.

Since the same description and information is used in thousands of websites and directories, the chances of getting marked as a spammer increase. So, instead being marked as Spam by the Google or other popular search engines, it is a much better idea to do a manual SEO of your website.

It often compromise over the quality for the quantity

Automated SEO services may submit your website to thousands of web directories and search engines automatically, but it does not matter about the quality of the links. So, automated services often compromise over the quality for the quantity.

Therefore, instead of producing positive results for a business, it may even harm your image among your existing and future clients and customers.

Inability to Manually Monitor what’s going on

Automated services do not allow you to customize your SEO campaign according to your own needs. So, your own preference is not considered while conducting an automated optimization campaign. As a result, you may get listed into thousands of websites, but you would not be able to mold your campaign according to your own needs or preference.

So, it is easy to conclude that there are a few benefits of using Automated SEO services, but there are far more drawbacks to use these services as well.

“Really, is automated SEO a good search engine optimization practice? Please share your experiences and suggestions below because I’d love to hear them from you.”

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