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Black Friday pushes jump in Mobile Payment, PayPal, eBay surges to 193 percent

Black Friday Mobile transaction

November 23 was a great day in the history of year 2012, as it was a day tagged “Black Friday” where products and services slated a thanksgiving to their loyal and non loyal customers. On that day, both retailers and payment processing companies experienced a strong number for the deals made, IBM reported that the total online sales experienced an increment to 20.7 percent in spending compared to last year. eBay owned PayPal gave a report that the global payment for this Black Friday went up by 193 percent compared to last year.

Black Friday Mobile transaction

This Black Friday experienced a big surge in mobile transaction

A powerful increase on transaction was reported by eBay; the US experienced a total volume of about 153 percent, while GSI commerce swapped to 198 percent in mobile sales.

Anuj Nayar, is the PayPal spokesman, he said that big payment companies believes that this year will be a year where the holiday shopping will surge the capacity of the mobile payment system. The people of Houston on the Black Friday made use mostly of PayPal via their mobile phone to make purchases. New York has been topping for the previous three years.

PayPal and eBay experienced a 173 and 133 percent increase in volume of mobile transaction for Thanksgiving, most shoppers preferred to shop via their phone and tablets for Thanksgiving and it really shows that consumers substituted hitting stores and malls for mobile shopping also on Black Friday.

The report IBM released is that the online sales over 2011 Black Friday went up by 16.8 percent, and of all, the mobile sales was 16.3 percent of the Black Friday total sales. Fab, which is an e-commerce site that focuses on design, said it experienced 300% increase in sales in 2012 Black Friday Vs 2011, on mobile sales, the number tripled.

This year Black Friday seem to be so special in history, as I reported yestarday about its experience on Instagram, you can check the story up here: Black Friday breaks record to be the busiest day on Instagram.

What next to watch out for is the cyber Monday, as buyers will punch their mobile phone to make purchases.

Did you purchase anything via your mobile wallet on Black Friday?

Let’s hear you out.



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  1. Micheal

    November 27, 2012 at 12:34 am

    I’m interested to see the stats on mobile wallet usage in the states for Black Friday. Those numbers would tell a great deal about how mobile wallet adoption has been implemented and how much it should grow.

    • Olukunle Moses

      November 27, 2012 at 11:26 am

      Yea, very soon, shoppers may desist from hitting the stores and shop online instead. You are welcome here.


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