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Black Friday; Thanksgiving photos becomes Instagram most shared

Black Friday

Black Friday Thanksgiving hits Instagram’s milestone

Black Friday

Yesterday was Thanksgiving Day, called the Black Friday, Instagram experienced a flood of photo share for the day, and it eventually became the busiest day in the history on Instagram. The platform users took a pause, snapped an image and uploaded it as the celebration goes.

When Instagram was releasing a report on Friday morning, it said, that over 10 million photos tagged with “Thanksgiving” and what relates to it were shared all through Thursday on the platform. More than 200 images go for shared per second at the peak.

Black Friday Thanksgiving instagram graph

According to Instagram, it was admitting that the Thursday before the Black Friday Thanksgiving marked the peak in the history of Instagram most share till date. The record breaks twice the number of photos shared the previous day.

The Hurricane Sandy was formally the most shared Instagram photos captioned with hastags #sandy, #frankenstorm and #hurricane sandy, over 1.3 million Instagram photos with these hastags were shared that day the storm was experinced around the east coast, and this was around 10 photos per second.

Another Instagram hit that followed the rank of the Hurricane Sandy was the November 6 US election photos where Obama deafeated Romney. The hastag for the election matter on Instagram were #Ivoted which hit over 100,000 photo share, #election2012 tag got over 150,000 moves, #ivotedtoday hashtag went around 3,800 times while the hashtag ivotedcnn pulled 2,100 photo sharing. The total US election photos shared were over 250,ooo.

Now breaking down the rank for the most shared photos on Instagram in history till date, the Black Friday November 23 Thanksgiving event has taken the 1st position, followed the Hurricane Sandy disaster and the third now the US election.

Which next event do you expect to break the Black Friday Thanksgiving record on Instagram?

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  1. Szymon

    November 24, 2012 at 12:16 pm

    Yeah it is interesting. I wonder if next Black Friday there will be similar results or even beat the record. I would expect Christmas to be the record-holder but maybe people would rather spend time with their family. Anyway, quite interesting!

    • Olukunle Moses

      November 25, 2012 at 9:30 am

      Yea, I also await Xmas, maybe it will make an uproar on Instagram.


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