Chpwn Releases Zephyr 1.1 for iPhone and others
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Chpwn Releases Zephyr 1.1 for iPhone

Zephyr 1.1 update now available

And iOS developer and hacker, chpwn has just announced the release of its latest tool, Zephyr 1.1 for iPhone device. This new and latest updated version of Zephyr arrived with an improved performance and some fixes too many bugs. The latest version of Zephyr lets users close an app on their phone by swipping up.

In this latest version, you can horizontally swipe between several apps of different function quickly without hassle.

As we all know that Zephyr lets users to show multitasking switcher by swiping up. Now with the new update, you can pause even while swiping up. Zephyr 1.1 changes the way in which users access its multitasking tray and its apps switching environments.

Zephyr 1.1 is now officially available in Cydia under the BigBoss repository. You can get this tweak directly from Cydia at a price of $2.99 easily. And if you want to change the way you’re switching between apps and how you access multi-tasking tray of the app, kindly install the latest version of Zephyr on your iOS device.

Zephyr 1.1 update now availableTo install this tweak on your Jailbroken iOS device such as iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, simply launch the Cydia tool on your iOS device and then search for Zephyr”.

You will see the tool in the result, kindly tap on “Purchase” button to buy and install this tweak on your iOS device.

Then go to the Settings page of the app to configure this new tweak to work. Once installed finished on your jailbroken iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch device, you can then switch between apps just by sliding left to right or right to left on your iOS device screen with ease.

Simply swipe up from the top of your screen to the bottom to enable the multi-tasking bar.

For more understanding of how it works, you can watch the Youtube video embedded below to learn more about how this tweak works in action.

BTW, you must have jailbreaking your iOS device before you can install the Zephyr 1.1 app on your device because it is a Cydia tweak and it really can work with jailbroken device.

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