How to Convert Files from your Favorite Cloud Storage Folders
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How to Convert Files from your Favorite Cloud Storage Folders Easily

Cometdocs online conversion format

Cloud storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox are incredibly popular these days, with so many people using them in order to always have access to the documents they need. Today we are going to show you another tool that you can integrate with such cloud storage services in order to convert files that you are saving into a variety of file types.

If you have been converting files online, then you have probably already run into Cometdocs at one point. It is a document management service that offers cloud storage just like many other ones, but it also allows users to convert files between various document types.

There are actually two ways in which you can integrate the Cometdocs service into your favorite cloud storage space – through the browser or through the new Cometdocs desktop app.

Convert via browser 

If you are already a Cometdocs user, simply log in to your account. If you are not a user yet, sign up free of charge and receive storage space and use of the service’s very popular file conversion technology.

You will see a button that says “Import files from” in your Cometdocs menu. Select the dropdown menu and select Dropbox or Google Drive to sync these services with your Cometdocs account.

Cometdocs online cloud storage file conversion

Once the sync is complete, simple click on any files you want to convert from your cloud storage and then click on “Choose” to send them over to your Cometdocs account.

Comet Docs online 2 choose file from dropbox


These files will be sent to your Cometdocs clipboard from where you will be able to convert them, store them, host or transfer them to others. To convert the file, simply drag it over to the “Convert” tab.

Cometdocs online conversion format

Cometdocs online conversion done

Convert via desktop app

Converting files using the Cometdocs desktop app is even easier and probably more convenient. For starters, you don’t have to open your browser to do it. This saves you time and it’s also great when trying to convert large files, which can slow down your browser or even crash it when you are trying to do other things in the browser while uploading the file.

To use the desktop app, simply download and install it. While the browser integration only works with Google Drive and Dropbox, the desktop app can be used with SkyDrive, Box or any other cloud storage service you prefer.

Simply open the folder of your favorite cloud storage service and find the file you are looking to convert. Right-click on the file and choose the conversion option from the menu. Cometdocs supports a large variety of conversion options, including PDF to MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Text and more. You can also create PDFs from a variety of file types and even convert XML files.

Cometdocs Desktop conversion format

Once you have chosen your conversion option, you are done. The file is converted by Cometdocs and then automatically downloaded into the same folder, giving you a converted version of your file that is already synced to your cloud storage folder automatically.

cometdocs desktop converted file

The app is very resource efficient and lightweight. You won’t even notice it’s working because the app is not performing the conversion, it simply sends the file to Cometdocs’ servers.

Cometdocs desktop 2 conversion status

If you want the quickest, easiest and most convenient way to convert files from your favorite cloud storage service, integrating Cometdocs with your preferred cloud storage provider is a fantastic option to try out.

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