Dropbox Will Help Simplify Your Life
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Dropbox Will Help Simplify Your Life

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Dropbox Will Help Simplify Your Life

Dropbox is a file sharing website that let people share information, particularly computer documents, via the internet to other people without the stress of using flash drives and some other file transferring devices. Any files stored on dropbox is secured better than the other file storage folders available on the internet. Dropbox is a magic-folder that is located on your computer system’s desktop which serves as a computer folder which makes it easier for you to drag and drop folders into it to make them available remotely online. Dropbox have being for sometimes now.

With this tool, working on a project from office as a business man now becomes easier because of the easy access to documents remotely hassle-free.

Dropbox will simplify your life if you want that to happen. Working from anywhere you are makes it powerful and interesting. You can stop a project in your office and starts from where you stops it right from your office without much hassle.

It makes it easier for you to work without the needs of sending files and transferring them via either wireless access, networked access or any other data transferring methods.

It makes it easier also for people to back up their documents on the go without the needs of struggling before using storage devices like CDS,DVD’s and some others like flash disks.

Just like its slogan, simplicity is what differentiate it from any other online data storage services available on the internet since dates.

Everything on it is automated because it have a feature that lets you backup your system automatically. Also, to add to what you can do with this tool, you can automate multiple systems and backup everything on them simultaneously without hassle.

By default, Dropbox offers all of their users a 2 gigabytes of storage space at no charge, but you can increase it if you wish by upgrading your account for their packages.

In order to make things easier for yourself, you can also get free spaces up to 8 gigabytes by referring your friends so that they too can have access to the service.

Another killer thing about it is that there is a special apps available for iPhone and google android users which even makes it more preferrable to others. Applications like photos, videos, Microsoft Office and PDF documents can be produced right on your mobile phone and then share remotely with other people through out the world via your account.

Another thing that I have come to realized about it is that, it makes it easier for easy sharing of music and video files without the need of websites like Youtube and Vimeo.

For writers and editors, this service will be of great help because it will allow them to auto-edit and share their processed articles with their teams, for example, a writer can send his documents to the editor in the same workgroup and vice-versa with this service.

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  1. Eric Murphy

    November 3, 2011 at 12:28 pm

    Dropbox is just great place to save our files and folders.


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