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General Files – #1 File Search Engine Ever is one of the best free file sharing sites I have ever come across online since I have been searching for the best way to download healthy files from the web. When downloading the best internet files becomes a daunting task for you, General files helps you solve that easily.

If you haven’t experience some errors when you wanted to download a very important file from some file sharing sites online, chances are that you might not find this file search engine site interesting at the first glance, until when you try to use it. - the best file search engine for everyone - the best file search engine for everyone

I haven’t come across another websites on the internet that have more than the total amount of file database like that of The site is full of useful and powerful files that human beings can find useful for their day-to-day activities.

If you’ve been searching for the best solution for your file searching challenges, this site will make everything simple for you to do than any other websites on the internet. I have used different websites, but I can say this is one of the best sites that houses millions of file with thousands of files addition every day.

There is no day which you won’t see new file to download from General-file, and that is mostly impossible with some other websites in this same niche on the net. Though, you can’t use general files alone, you have to plug yourself-in with some of its family websites such as and These two sites have their own usefulness on the other hands – we shall be talking about that one in the next article on this topic very soon.

Features of

Like I said earlier on, that the website have over 150 million files in its database, comprises of different form of digital files ranging from videos, to audio music, to normal PDF files and some other useful files in different formats. However, that is not the main thing that makes the site superior from its competitors – there are many other things such as ability to search and download any digital files of all types without hassle etc.

What Makes General Files Superior over other file search engines sites?

  • More than 250,000 invalid files deleted from the site’s database every week – those are the files which are categorised as bad files after severe user flagging. This may happen after they’ve used or tested those files and confirms them to be dangerous for others to download. And that should give you more confidence that you are secure of downloading the best from the site, since users like you have the upper hands in choosing the best files to be and those ones that aren’t to be on the site for people to download.
  • Millions of users worldwide with daily registration rate at increase.
  • Ability to upload your own links for others to download your files. Let me explain this a little bit: If it happens that you are a recording artist, or you are an artist who records several labels, you will find the site useful for making  the demo versions of your files easily accessible for people to enjoy before they finally decided to buy the full versions of it.
  • Ability to create alert for your favourite file so as to download it once it is available on their platform. You can search for a particular keyword phrase and create alert for it to stay up-to-date with latest upload that falls in that category.
Key Tip About
Go to Popular files category and you’ll see the files that are very much popular to download. After you see the file in the lists, on the right side of the file, you will also see the exact downloading site that hosts the file so that you can download from there.
General files - is the best file search engine for everyone
Have you ever used General Files before or you’ve had a friend who have used it? What are your experiences with the site, do you find the site useful? Please share your experiences below and let’s learn some new thing from it. Thanks for reading 🙂
NB: If you find it hard to use the site, you can supply your comment and I will answer them one after the other.
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    its looking v good i will check it thank you for nice posting

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    November 1, 2011 at 7:32 am

    great search engine. I just loved it. thanks for sharing.

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    November 1, 2011 at 8:13 am

    thank you for sharing it,i like it


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