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Google New Design – Change to New Design ALL THROUGH – Search, Gmail, Youtube, Videos and more

Google, the widely known search engine service provider has rolled out its new design for users experience starting from yesterday, early morning time was the time when the official roll-out took place. Some of the popular products offered by the company were redesigned and relocated on the homepage of its mother site, Google.com. If you are conducting a search for information on Google, the homepage now comes with handful of information that can help you have a better search experience without much  hassle. The Google.com homepage comes with the full lists of services rendered by Google and some other products that you wouldn’t even imagine Google owns.

Some of the products that were listed on the homepage are:

Google+, Search, Google Images, Google Maps, News, Gmail, Google Documents while others such as Calendar, Translate, Google Mobile, Google Books, Google Music, Google Offers, Google Wallet, Shopping, Blogger, Google Reader, Finance, Photos and Google Videos and many more. You can see other Google products that underwent some changes here.

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  1. Gregg Camp

    December 2, 2011 at 5:51 pm

    Google undoubtedly is the best when it comes to search engines. Of course, it is not free from flaws but its tools and every development it makes is becoming much better. I like the new design, but Google would look good if it was not colorless.


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