Controversial Google Nexus 7 Review
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Controversial Google Nexus 7 Review

If you are a gadget freak, then you must know about the inability of OEMs to compete with Apple iPads. For this purpose, Google launched its 7 inch IO, which can be purchased from any play store. If you are wondering the whereabouts of the hardware, then let me inform you, Google is not the manufacturer. Setting a new standard altogether, Nexus 7 has taken the market by storm providing the features of an Android. Providing the ultimate tablet experience, Nexus 7 is very convenient to carry around and offers smooth net surfing, e-mail checking, games, social media feeds etc.

Controversial Google Nexus 7 review

The features of Nexus 7 are quite fascinating. With 8GB storage capacity, this tablet can be acquired for USD 200. Other gadgets that can be purchased with the same amount are Barnes and Noble’s Nook Tablet, Amazon Kindle Fire etc. For those who want more space to download movies, songs, and games an 18GB Nexus 7 is available in the market for just USD 250.With 1280×800 IPS touchscreen, the competence of Nexus 7 can be compared with third-generation iPad and Asus Transformer Pad Infinity.

The pixel density is 216ppi. One of the drawbacks which is prominent is this tablet, is the color balance level. Like other mobiles of today’s era, the color is over-saturated. Unlike Nook and Kindle Fire which suffer from poor feedbacks, unclear screens, and sluggish animation features Nexus 7 is the best in its category.Google Nexus 7 dimension

One of the essential features that add to its credentials is that Nexus 7 can play big games like ShadowGun and HD movies with convenience. If you intend to load apps, magazines, video, web pages, books, music, games etc in the Tablet, do not worry since the loading will be smooth without any link breakage.

With zero software problems, Nexus 7 strives high in the genre of tablets and gives a tough competition to its peers. This tab is equipped with quad-core Tegra 3 processor along with 1GB RAM. The façade of Nexus 7 does not have any buttons but only a 1.2 MP at the apex of the table front. It is enclosed with a Corning glass. The Nexus 7 can turn and rotate to checkout the landscapes.

Images rotate according to the convenience of the user, while the home screen is permanent in its position.

Google Nexus 7 dimension sizeThis technology is handled with 3 major hardware buttons- on the very right is a power/sleep button. Below that is a volume adjuster and on-screen software buttons for android at the back. Nexus 7 is also equipped with navigation and home buttons along with rotation lock. At the very base of the tablet is a 3.5mm headphone opening along with a small USB port. A slight speaker port is one of the significant characteristics of this technology which is branded by Asus. The apex of Nexus 7 does not have any ports and is quite slender.

Powered by Google Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

If you wish to experience a better tablet performance along with the latest triumphs of technology, Nexus 7 is the ideal option for you. It stands out as the perfect gadget geeks to quench their thirst for finest use of modern technical tools. Running on the newest Android Jelly Bean is another advantage for this new gadget compared to others out there.

Good luck with your new Google Nexus 7 device!

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    so good this post for me and i would be enable do it very firstly thanks.

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    July 12, 2012 at 10:15 am

    Thanks for showing images of nexus mobiles. specially thanks to Olawale Daniel .

  3. Nexus 7 News

    July 12, 2012 at 6:06 pm

    I seriously reckon that the Nexus 7 is going to shake up the tablet market with its great hardware but low price. Not sure what was so controversial about this review though?!


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