How iKon Chip wants to help protect your family, properties etc
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How iKon Chip wants to Help Protect your Family, Property and belongings – Support it Now!

Inspired by the abducted Chibok school girls among other recent cases of kidnapping in Nigeria, Adedayo Charis, the founder of Transit Konnect revisited an idea of his which has being in the pipeline for a while, iKon.

iKon Chip technology sets to reduce kidnap attempts by TechAtLastHow does the iKon Chip looks like?

iKon is a Bluetooth tracking device which give people a sense of control over their properties and persons. The iKon chip make use of Bluetooth to connect to the phone with the mobile application. The mobile application has been designed in such a way that it can serve more than one chip at once. With the press of a button on the mobile app, you can make the iKon chip ring or illuminate in the case of darkness.

How does iKon Chip tracker works

How does the ikon chip technology works?

The chip is connected to the application, and attached to the subject – child, older folks, motor or any other property that you would like to keep tabs on through the mobile tracker app.

The chip transmits its GPS location to the unique paired mobile phone. And these signals are picked-up by the iKon app, giving user real time location of items on GPS map and also provides an estimated distance between the app user and the chip.

The chip makes users more proactive in protecting everything that matters to them.

“In my own view, this undoubtedly is an amazing discovery for combating the rising cases of kidnapping and killing by men of the dark in the country. This will probably be the first of its kind in the country; an amazing security concept coming from a Nigerian startup, and I strongly throw my weight behind these guys.”

Technical Specifications of the iKon TrackeriKon Chip Specifications by TransitKonnect

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Some of the top and amazing features of IKon Chip tracker

Geo Fencing:

With this feature, the user sets a perimeter of how far a child or belongings can go. And the user gets an alert as soon as the child, car or any other belongings steps out of the set perimeter. The perimeter can be up to 70 meters radius.


IKon chip technology found a kidnapped personThis works as a collaborative platform where everyone basically come together in locating the person, item, or property that has the iKon chip tracker installed. Whenever the target; an item or a kid, with the iKon chip is missing or kidnapped, the user would mark the item as missing on the platform and every other users of the mobile application are placed on the lookout for the item or kid until they can recover it.

The user that made the report would get a notification whenever the stolen item comes close to another iKon mobile app user – the notification would have the location details of the item. And another upside of this app is that, the user whose app found the missing item or person won’t know about this – this means, the person won’t be accused mistakenly in the process for theft, or for using his phone to locate the perpetrator of the crime which may later result into assault.

The mobile application would first be made available for iOS and Android devices. And there’s work in process to develop an advanced version of the chip which will not be detectable by kidnappers or thieves – smaller chip to fit into small sized precious items like jewellery, security cases and other sensitive materials.

As I’m posting this, there’s an ongoing Indiegogo campaign for the iKon chip with target of raising $15,000 for the mass production of this amazing game changer for combating kidnapping and insurgency in Nigeria as a country, and above all, the rest of the world.

You can be part of the campaign because every dollar counts!

iKon Chip Perks on Indiegogo

What are your thoughts on the new iKon chip tracking technology? Let’s discuss them below.

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