DIY Guide: Steps to Mount a Satellite Dish on a Brick Wall
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DIY Guide: How to & Steps to Mount a Satellite Dish on a Brick Wall

BAD roof mount of dishWhen you subscribe to a new dish TV service, you could either pay that company a specific amount for the “satellite dish installation”, hire an independent contractor, or just simply do it all by yourself (DIY way!). If you are just handy with basic tools and are able to follow the instructions that come with the dish, this job can seem to be as simple as a layman’s job, and you can also save your money. The steps include:-

  • Determining the location and direction for the satellite dish installation is the most important point to be kept in mind. The dish must have a clear view of the southern sky and the view must not be blocked by trees. There are sites on the internet where one can enter just enter the location, and get the proper direction and angle for installation. You can do yourself a good favor by befriending uncle G on this, I mean the big G – Google!
  • Marking the location of the bracket holes in the brick wall in the location that was determined by the user from the previous step. Drill a pilot hole through these brackets using a masonry bit/drill bit. The brackets must be perfectly leveled. Make for pilot holes.
  • The anchors are now to be inserted into these holes. Use a hammer to tap into the place. Insert 4 lag bolts(5/16 by 1 ½ inches each) into these 4 anchors, and make them as tight as possible.

Installing Dish for beginner with step by step techniques

How to Mount a Satellite Dish on a Brick Wall

Once you are done with these 3 simple steps, your platform to mount your satellite dish on the brick wall of your house is ready. You can continue to mount the supporting pole and the dish just by simply following the instructions that came with your satellite dish.

Some of the tools required in the above procedure are as follows :-

  • 1 power drill(hammer drill is recommended).
  • 1 5/16 inch masonry bit.
  • 1 small level(to check if the brackets are level).
  • 4 anchors(5/16 inch each).
  • 4 lag bolts(5/16 inch each).
  • 1 hammer.

Steps to Mount Satellite Dish on a Brick Wall“SatelliteDishBrickWall” by Raysonho @ Open Grid Scheduler / Grid Engine – Own work. Licensed under CC0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Once the satellite dish has been mounted on your brick wall, the next part comes installing it or connecting it with your television set and set top box. The steps included are as follows:-

  • Connect the cables from the dish to your television system. You may or may not have to drill holes for this, depending where your television set is located and how far is it from the dish or the window/door. You can also check for satellite signal strength by holding a meter in front of the dish that captures electro-magnetic waves, and keep moving the dish from left-right.
  • Drilling holes and also clipping the wires properly also helps to bring a strong and smooth signal to your television.
  • Once the satellite signal has been checked and adjusted, you will need to check the signal on your television set. For this, simple follow the instructions given in the “user’s manual” which has been provided to you along with the satellite dish.
  • You can also access the signal strength menu on your television set, to check the proper coordinates which includes scientific terms like the azimuthal direction, the skew rotation and the elevation angle, for your specific location.

Tips and warnings for the Satellite Dish Installation process:

  • It is advisable to mark the pilot holes with a pointed object such as a chisel, before drilling.
  • The bracket must be made level and plumb before drilling the holes.

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