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HTC Announces Droid DNA Android SmartPhone for Verizon

Droid DNA Verizon

Droid DNA Android Smartphone announced

HTC is obviously having a hard time competing with the market dominators like the Galaxy S3 and Note II and its high time for them to come up with something which can help them make their way to the top. Here comes the need of the Verizon Droid DNA by HTC. This is a Verizon specific smartphone that has been unveiled by HTC, there are rumors going around the web that there would be a global variant of this smartphone too, coming with the same specifications.

In a recent event held in Anton, NY Verizon along with HTC announced this Full HD screen phone. On paper, the Droid DNA looks quite stunning and with its stunning 440ppi screen it easily throws dust at the 326ppi retina screen of the iPhone 5. The Droid DNA supports LTE on the Verizon network for the speeds which match those of WiFi.

Many Attractive Features of Droid DNA Android Smartphone

The most attractive feature of the Droid DNA is its Full HD 1080p screen which gives it a pixel density of 440ppi on the giant 5-inch SLCD3 screen — the HTC One X had a SLCD2 screen.The screen is protected with Gorilla glass 2 so scratching and other harsh stuff won’t work on it. Obviously, to power this number of pixels in the screen a monster processor is required so here comes the Snapdragon S4 Pro chipset with Adreno 320 graphics on-board. The application processor in Droid DNA is a quad-core processor running four 1.5GHz Krait cores along with 2GB of RAM. Wireless charing is also supported to avoid messing wires everywhere.Droid DNA Verizon

That’s not all — HTC has included their Sense 4+ and Android 4.1. Apart from the software the Droid DNA has an 8MP camera with HTC image processing chip to provide an excellent image quality. There is also a front facing ultra-wide angle 2MP lens which is able to record videos up to 1080p HD. Beats audio is built in along with a 2.5v amplifier. Powering all this is a 2,020mAh battery — larger than One X but smaller that One X+. But still One X+ and One X are nothign in front of this big beast, it is just awesome!

The battery is unfortunately non-removable but according to the official numbers, it has enough juice to keep the phone running for 12.8 hours on a single charge. NFC, Bluetooth 4.0 and WiFi b/g/n are supported. The phone ships with 16GB of internal memory without an external memory card slot which would be a disappointment for people like me, though the smartphone is very good and can fetch huge sales if rolled out globally by HTC.

All in all, I would say that HTC is really doing great by rolling out such new smartphones in the market, after the great decline in the market share, they have really started launching out really cool stuff.

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