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How to Improve Your Site Loading Speed – Syslipe Networks CDN Can Help You

If you have been looking for ways to improve your website loading speed to make your site easy to access by your readers, this article will be a catch for you as Paula shares tips and useful information about doing it below.

You may wonder what Syslipe Networks CDN is and why you need such a service. It may be the first time you hear about a Content Delivery Network, or it may be not. Maybe you knew about it but you could not quite understand how this system of private servers scattered around the globe could accelerate the delivery of your website content.

Syslipe Networks CDN
Syslipe NetworksCDN´s main objective is to speed up loading of website content. How is it achieved? Its network of private servers strategically located around the world routes requests to the nearest edge location, thus preventing end-users from suffering any
kind of service interruption: content will be delivered from the nearest edge server location.

This company, Syslipe Networks, is one of the cheapest CDN providers I have seen lately. Their monthly fees range from $49 to $199. Anyone can test their service first: a trial account is created (usually a 1-week trial account) so as to check how the service works before actually subscribing to it. It is a great opportunity of experimenting before taking a decision or coming up with a conclusion.

Configuration was not burdensome since I use W3 Total Cache. I recommend you to give it a try. Syslipe CDN allows a cost-effective, reliable way of delivering content: all my web content is served ten times faster than before, when I did not use their CDN service. My website never suffered interruption due to servers maintenance: 100% uptime is guaranteed.

Moreover, they do not charge a setup fee, what is really important to me; otherwise, I would not have taken the chance to try out their service. But most decisive of all, at least to me, is their user-friendly Control Panel: I am able to see the zones I have created, my current usage, general data such as payment dates, pending notifications, bandwidth, to name but three. I manage almost everything from the Dashboard.

I suggest you have a go at this CDN service. It really improved the way I serve my content, I can tell you from experience. And, I do not want to forget mentioning, they have a Support Team available when you need them. I had trouble doing the setup, it was late at night and they replied to all my emails, guiding me throughout the whole process. Their willingness to provide help, answer questions is amazing. Followup on my account is being done constantly. In a nutshell, I am really grateful for having them as my CDN provider.

This is a guest post by Paula Castromo who writes for a CDN company, Syslipe.

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