Jailbreak iPhone 4 - Simple Steps to Jailbreak iPhone 4
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Jailbreak iPhone 4 – Simple Steps to Jailbreak iPhone 4

How To Unlock iPhone 4- The Simple Approach to Jailbreak iPhone 4

Most of iPhone 4 users that have upgrade their mobile device to the latest iOS 4.3.3 version, that are looking for ways they can use to unlock it to be able to use some applications on it instead from the one that available from the iTunes and Apple store, there is a solution to that now with this step-by-step tutorial on how to jailbreak your iPhone 4 device in simple steps.

Before you can jailbreak Apple iPhone 4 mobile phones, you must have GEVEY SIM card because it is what we are going to use to unlock any iPhone iOS 4.3.3. versions and others.

The GEVEY sim card is not free though, but you can still be able to afford it, it is very cheap when compared to the value that you will get from it. Below are the easy to follow guide on how to jailbreak iPhone 4:

How To Unlock iPhone 4 04.14.01
Before you start to think about unlocking your iPhone 4 mobile device, below are the things you will need to do just that:

  • You need to have an iPhone 4 mobile phone running on Cydia.
  • Buy Gevey Sim unlock for iPhone 4 from ApplenBerry and you will get some of this inside the package: Custom GEVEY Sim Tray, Gevey Ultra sim and Microsim sticker guide that can put you through the process of using the device.

This is how the Gevey sim card looks like…

After getting all these, then let’s do the trick.

Step 1: First thing that you need to do is to cut the SIM CARD that you are using with the iPhone4 device so as to fits in the GEVEY sim card tray.

PS: But a notice of warning here, you need to exercise more patient when cutting the sim card so that it will not affect the circuitry side of the sim card because that’s the main area where the sim is using to send and receive signal. The area is what I called SIM Card, all other plastic part of the sim card are just there to give body to it, they don’t have much to do with the service.

Step 2: Secondly, the next thing you will do after you have done this is to open the CYDIA on your iPhone 4 device and add the repo like this: cydia.furiousmod.com.

Note: If you don’t know how to add repo, you can use the steps below to get that done in matter of seconds.
Launch Cydia and go to the “Manager Tab” and then choose on the “Sources” and after that you can then go to “Edit” and choose “Add”, and immediately you will see a popup window showing you box where you can enter the repo to. What you need to do in this sense is to add your repo website URL (website address is what I called URL) into the box provided… like this: cydia.furiousmod.com and click on add and that is all about that.

Step 3: Inside the Cydia, go to the search box and type in FuriousMod and then choose to install it and go to step 4.

Step 4: The moment you finish installing the FuriousMod application, you will see an error popup window showing you that there is no sim card install in your phone. Like this “No Sim Card Installed”.

Step 5: Don’t worry about that, just follow the next step here. Turn off your iPhone4 mobile phone and then go to the next step.

Step 6: Now that you have switched off your mobile phone, next thing to do now is to insert your GEVEY sim and your own sim card into the iPhone SIM card tray and then insert it into the device back and make sure that you put your sim on the top of the Gevey sim card to get the result faster.

Step 7: Switch on your mobile phone and wait for the mobile phone network signal to arrive. Note that the time for this to appear may take up to one minute or more, you just have to exercise patient in this situation. After this, you will see that your phone is now unlocked. Viola 🙂 🙂 :).

How Can I Configure My iPhone 4 for 3G Network?..

After unlocking your phone, next thing to do is to configure it to be able to use the internet with faster internet connection settings like 3G network.

So, how do you go about that?

Follow this simple steps, find your way into the “Settings” area of your phone and choose “General” and from there choose “Network and enable Data Roaming” and you are ready to go.

You can also watch the video on how to do it below in simple way…

P.S.: Please remember that, when you have reached the level seven of this step by step tutorial, you need to have a record of anything you see on the screen of the phone as this will help you in solving the problem.

Please drop your message in the comment box below if you have any problem practicing this stuffs. I will reply you with the necessary solution to it as fast as possible. Thanks for reading. Please also make sure to share this post with your friends and loved ones.

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