LG Flexible e-Paper with a Magnificent 6” Plastic Display
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LG Display its Flexible e-Paper with a Magnificent 6” Plastic Display

LG (one of the popular gadgets manufacturers of the world) has announced that it has just begun the mass production of its Electronic Paper Display product (EPD) and that it has decided to get it launched in Europe in couples of months from now. The new LG Electronic Paper Display is gifted with a 6-inch display with 1024 × 768 resolution which comes with it e-ink plastic screen. It has a thickness of 0.7mm and it weigh 14g.

LG has announced that its e-Paper product is a scratch resistant that is very safe if it is mistakenly dropped from a height of about 1.5 meter. And this is wonderful as we see it! Isn’t it?

lg flexible epaper

LG e-Paper is the latest development of LG Display when it comes to flexible electronic paper display and it is just impressive.

Will this brings an end to Amazon Kindle? I think this device is capable of ousting the popular amazon product if it is truly released as stated by the company. The idea of this gadget was derived from a plastic and it has been materialized as a screen and it can bent up to forty degrees pointing from the main center of the screen without breaking.

We have covered series of futuristic concept before but in fact, this one is really cool and durable with its flexible appearance. Just like ASUS Eee Netbook, it can overcome series of drops on the floor, even on hard surface.

LG had claimed that if you get this e-paper, it will perform better than the other conventional glass e-ink displays, or the EPD, or the glass electronic paper display.

It has a 6-inch monochrome e-ink display that resembles a resolution of XGA 1024 x 768 pixels. Even, rumours had it that this new technology will be used for other future generations of device.

Larger production of LG flexible e-Paper screen is going to start this month onwards.

The Head of Operations at LG Display’s Mobile and OLED division, Sang Duck Yeo has said that this new device will be helpful and it is going to trend in the E-Book market.

In US, there is currently no info on the date of releasing this device but LG has stated that its first versions to get the EPD are on the ODM companies based in China. And the entire products will be coming to European stores in April 2012.

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