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Mashable Says It Fired Editor-at-Large Ben Parr

ben-parr-mashableTechnology  news site Mashable and Ben Parr, who was the editor-at-large, have parted ways under circumstances that apparently were less without serious disagreement. Ben Parr, a writer and an entrepreneur, who had worked for Mashable since 2008, was fired, according to a brief statement from Mashable.

The news about Parr’s departure was later confirmed when all emails to his Mashable’s address started kicking back on an automated message stating “no longer here” response. And his mashable bio page was edited to identify him as the “formal editor-at-large.”

But later on, Ben Parr then confirmed his departure to AllThingsD, indicating that he would have more to say on Monday. Mashable limited its official response to a single sentence, “confirming the terms of departure were termination.”

We at techatlast will keep you posted about the outcomes of his departure, what he’s done and some other things soonest.

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