How to Keep Your Mobile Device in Top Shape
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How to Keep Your Mobile Device in Top Shape – And Getting the Most Out of it When You Resell It

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When people buy a new phone or any other device such as a tablet, iPad, or laptop, the first thing on their mind is rarely—if ever—what can I sell this for?  Why would it be? You just bought it and you’re ready to play with it, get productive, make calls, text, browse the web, or download a slew of apps.

However, given the cycle of technology, there will be a time, maybe in a few months, maybe a year, when you’ll be reading your favorite tech site and—bam!—something new catches your eye and you want to upgrade.  So, you recycle, sell, or find some other means of getting rid of your old device as you welcome the shiny, new mobile device.  The question is did you get the most out of selling cell phones or other devices?

If only you could go back in time and arm yourself with the knowledge of foresight.  Here are a few things you can do when you purchase your next awesome device to ensure you get the most out of it when the time comes to say goodbye!

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Tips on Keeping Your Mobile Device in Top Shape And How to Get Most Out of it

Buy it New

To maximize what you’ll get out of it in the end, buying new smartphone gives you more control over the quality of the device.  Provided quality control at the factory in China did their job, you should get a relatively flawless piece of tech, at least hardware wise.  It should be free of blemishes of any kind and the screen should be free of dead or stuck pixels. RIM Blackberry 10 Mobile

The battery should last about an hour more or less than what was advertised by the manufacturer given proper usage.  The downside of buying new is you will have a higher upfront cost, but when you go to resell, the entire life of the device will have been solely in your hands and you’ll be able to accurately tell potential buyers the specifics of its condition.

Just in Case

When you buy your phone or tablet, don’t forget a case.  Don’t wait until after you have your device to get it sheathed.  Buy the device and the case at the same time, so they arrive at about the same time.  That way, you can be absolutely certain it’s protected every second you own it.  You don’t have to go all out on a case either.  It can be a simple covering, or as elaborate as you want.  There are so many options for customization out there, it’s nearly impossible to go wrong.

Screen Protector

Finding a good screen protector can be a little trickier.  Cheaper screen protectors can leave behind sticky residue that’s difficult to get rid of, others affect the responsiveness of the touchscreen, and others still lack good cling ability.  Do research on site like Amazon and read user reviews and in no time, you’ll find the screen protector for your device.

Beware the Battery

People can get pretty particular when it comes to smartphone battery life and when buying used can be risky when it comes to the battery.  If it’s an older device, the battery life might not be so great and buyers need to be aware of this. Apple samsung-battery

Alternately, you could invest in a new battery before selling your old device, but whether or not it’s worth that extra investment can be determined by the overall quality and condition of the device you’re selling.  For newer devices, this is less of a concern, that is, as long as you treated the battery properly in everyday use, from proper charging to not letting it die regularly.

Everyday Handling

Of course, you want to avoid dropping your mobile device.  You want to treat it with respect.  Sure, it’s an inanimate object, but how you treat your stuff is a reflection of you, the human behind the object.  If you eat chicken wings and text at the same time, that’s going to leave a gross build-up on the screen.  Even skin oils will build up over time.

Wash your hands before using your device (and in general—it’s a healthy habit to have), and clean your screen, and entire device regularly.  Just be sure to use proper cleaning material, such as a microfiber cloth and nothing else, no water and certainly no chemicals.

With these few tips, after a year of owning a device, it should look and act almost the same as the day you bought it.  Future owners will appreciate your diligence and will be willing to pay for what you have, ensuring you’ll get the most out of it and be on way to the next big thing.

What are the other caring methods you’re using for your smartphone in order to prepare it for that “sale” day? Would you mind sharing them with us? Please use the comment section below for your responses.

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  1. John

    April 4, 2013 at 12:05 am

    I know of quality content when I see one and I must say I’m really impress with this post of how to keep your mobile device on top shape.

    This is very inspiring. I would like to visit it frequently for more helpful tips if that is fine by you.

    This is well explained and straight to the point by an expert who knows what he is doing.

    Hope to see more of your post.

    Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing

  2. It cursussen

    April 4, 2013 at 8:12 pm

    When i buy the phone, i always use some kind of case, screen protector. However i never think about battery as it is chageable cheap part. After ~six months i sell my phone for 70% of its buying price.

  3. Radu

    April 5, 2013 at 10:20 am

    Also you must keep in mind that in case of smartphones, anything you install slows down the device. An OS upgrade is recomended. Usually these upgrades are available on the factory website or another trusted web sources.

    • Olawale Daniel

      April 11, 2013 at 10:45 am

      Hey Radu, you’re absolutely right! The more you install app or services on your smartphone, the more spaces you consume on the OS. So, I personally recommend upgrade as well.

      Thanks for commenting here 🙂


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