How Mobile Point of Sale Systems is Improving Local Business and Increasing Revenue
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How Mobile Point of Sale Systems is Improving Local Business and Increasing Revenue

If there is one thing, we need to credit the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs with; it is reshaping how to think about customer presentation. Beginning with understanding the difference between what people think they want and what they actually want, few entrepreneurs have done as much as Jobs for changing the way we think about customer interaction. Do you remember the first time you entered an Apple store?

Their open floor plan, inviting environment, and helpful, highly-educated customer service representatives were an entirely new business model at the time when it was initially implemented. For the first time at a major outlet, customers were able to check out and pay for their goods anywhere in the store, without ever having to encounter a line. While the Apple model has many groundbreaking components to it, one that is easily transferable to other businesses, is mobile point of sale systems.

mobile Point of Sales Systems

A mobile point of sales systems; device to aid collection of payments from customer. | Copyright: Olivier Moritz

Four Benefits of Implementing Mobile Point of Sale Systems 

While the Apple example is notable because it was groundbreaking, it also has several components that might not be a good fit for every business model. That said, the benefits of mobile point of sale systems should convert seamlessly across most industries. SMBs struggling to keep up with corporate competition, in particular, may find such an update to be the exact leg up they need to keep things going.

1. On-the-Spot Checkout softens the closing process

While the walk to the counter and a short line may not seem like a huge issue, the fact is that every time a customer considers making a purchase, they get momentarily thrilled and then gradually that excitement fades until they have either paid for the item or returned it to the shelf. By providing on-the-spot checkout, you reduce the time between the initial, maximized level of excitement and closing the sale. This minimizes the chances of a customer changing their mind. Check out one of our older articles for more information about how to use point of sale systems to improve sales.

2. No in-store Lines

Along a similar line, waiting in line gives the customer time to second guess their purchasing decision. But even if they do not go back on their choice and go through with a purchase, they do not enjoy standing in lines. By reducing your lines, you produce a better customer experience that is guaranteed to yield a higher number of returning customers.

3. Improves Customer Service

By eliminating a swamped employee at the front desk, rushing to check out customer after customer to keep up with a growing line, each client is aided more efficiently, freeing up your employees to provide better service to each customer.

4. Allows for Deliveries and Curbside Checkouts

This is a big win for smaller storefronts, like pharmacies, which may need to increase flexibility to provide for individual customers. If you have ever owned or worked at a small, local pharmacy, you know how difficult it is to keep up with corporate competition. By providing the quickest and painless process for fulfilling prescriptions, you increase your chances of being able to hold your own against the bigger companies. Curbside checkouts, drive through options, and deliveries are the best customer experience for such purchases; mobile point of sale systems are integral for these types of improvements. 

When it comes to finding the right mobile point of sale system for your business, Forbes provides an overview of some of the most common and most useful POS systems out there for traditional retail environments. When it comes to mobile pharmacy point of sale systems, the EvolutionPOS from RM-Solutions was one of the original options and remains one of the most common solutions for pharmacies of all sizes.

After reading this article, we’d love to hear from you…would you consider implementing mobile point of sale systems into your business for better customer experience?

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