NESTREST- The Perfect Place to Rest While Blogging
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NESTREST- The Perfect Place to Rest While Blogging

Blogging can become an interesting thing if you are engaging it in a cool atmospheric condition. You can become successful while blogging if the location of your office or your writing desk is where you find peace.

To increase your productivity while blogging, there is little thing which you need to do in order to make things better for yourself and one of them is to work where everything is cool. So, in this article, I present you a perfect and interesting design which I know can help you work smartly and remain productive while you’re blogging or doing anything on your computer.

But, before you start to go gaga, you need to know some of the thing you need to keep in place so that you can enjoy this new technology that was designed and produced by Paris’ Daniel Pouzet and Fred Frety. The product is a perfect resting material that makes it easier for any to rest and relax anywhere they are. It is called NestRest and it has many features that makes it interesting. You can use it as a standing lounger. It is made of a 4cm wide strips of a unique DEDON Fiber (it is the world first synthetic resin fiber material).

DEDON Fiber is known to be a weatherproof and environmental friendly stuff that will be useful in any condition, though, I haven’t tested it before. Like what I saw, it is beautiful and durable. It was designed by a German top-tier goalkeeper, Bobby Dekeyser who decided to leave his sport activities; producing this with his new-found time.

Features of NestRest Dedon Fiber

  • Useful for reading
  • Relaxation
  • Hanging out
  • It is useful for travelling – though, the size can somehow make it difficult but you can still carry it along
  • You can use it at pool area
  • In the bush, work on and enjoy yourself

where to buy nestrest dedon fibre

nestrest design

nestrest dedon fibre magic design


nestrest dedon

nestrest dedon

nestrest dedon magic design - productivity material

nestrest magic design - productivity material

There are many more usefulness for the NestRest Dedon Fiber but I think with the little I’ve been able to say about it, you will disagree no further that it is an interesting invention.

Do you love these Nest rest dedon fiber designs? Let’s hear what you have to say on the comment section below.

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