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18, 870 domain names procured within Nigeria in 2014 – NiRA

Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA) has released a data for the total number of .ng domains purchased through 2014Nira released number of Nigerian domain registration for 2014

According to the Nigerian Internet Registration Association (NiRA), the number of domain names procured in the country during the late section of last year dropped as against earlier prediction. At the end of 2014 they recorded only 18,870 domain name purchases registered from within the country. The same was the case with domain name renewals as it also saw an acute fall way too short as regards the predicted figures.
A total of 1,503 domain names were purchased and registered additionally, with renewal of domain names totaling 820 in all though way too higher than the domain name transfer totals figure of the year which was a meagre 106 domain names. The less proportional domain stats did not affect the number of domain name registrars accredited by NiRA who were still 47 as they had been last year. This figure is set to increase though since there are some applications that are still in the process of being finalised and approved.
Mrs. Mary Uduma, head of NiRA, said that the target for domain name registrations for the year as projected and predicted earlier had not been met in 2014, albeit the association still witnessed a good year, with an increase in awareness and utility of our .ng domain names and domain procurement businesses in Nigeria. We also witnessed some significant growth in the number of registrars and domain name purchases in 2014, setting the best platform and stage for more growth, expansion and development of the domain session of the cyber sphere in the country.

The following are the final statistics of domain procurement and registrations for the year 2014 in months, as released by the NiRA:

January: 1,425
February: 1,498
March: 2,317
April: 1,691
May: 1,408
June: 1,335
July: 1,402
August: 1,437
September: 1, 531
October: 1,581
November: 1,742
December: 1,503

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