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Bebuzee, the Social Network Buzzing Around the World

The technology industry has seen incredible changes over the last ten years or so. Social Media and its perks are taking the world by storm leaving us working harder than ever to make sure we can keep up.

Moving on, who on this planet goes round the wonderful creation we call the World Wide Web, collecting all the gold coins like Mario and Luigi? Some would say Google, others will argue and say there is still an unknown medium ready to explode onto the scene and take over what is already here.

Bebuzee social media network logoNow that we have some if not most of your attention, reading this article shouldn’t be hard work. As I was saying, Bebuzee is the product of an entrepreneur based in the UK and who also goes by the name Joe Onyero, who has taken a slightly different approach in regards to partner platforms. This name in the form of Adbuz. This alongside Blogbuz and other great features is supposedly the future of online advertising and socialising respectively.

On this positive note, no doubt this maybe the die-hard if not trying implausible invention of this decade, perhaps starting now! Not only have they brought out. they are looking to part with the original site, Bebuzee still strive to make Blogbuz as successful as its compatriot Adbuz. In order to pursue an advertising separately and enable the social network to take off on its own, they have made both features currently sitting aside, as big as each other. This not just basic tech hype. This is movement. This a product which is currently getting users who stay logged in longer than they would on their rivals such as Facebook, Twitter or Quora. Bebuzee know that they are in for a change of revolution with what they have here today.

Bebuzee are looking for an outstanding opportunity for the growth of the company. Funding will be carefully spent. This will potentially result in vast expansion as this is key to Bebuzee, as although they are happy to remain as a small team, the operation and daily running of Adbuz and Blogbuz will require a lot of attention and maintenance. As a resolution, there will be a gigantic changes brought into the company throughout the rest of this year. Looking to begin by heavily recruiting through the end of 2014 right until half way through next year in order to fulfil a busy economic, commercial and profitable platform.

As we are aware it is understood that Bebuzee is active worldwide, however only certain countries have staffs operating and managing the Social Network. They are currently moving staffs to some African countries, United States and Asia in order to grow users and uphold the ultimate dream.

The benefits are huge as this will make sure Bebuzee can monitor traffic through their site as well as those off the millions of potential customers/clients.

This distinct scheme will result in Adbuz operating on a completely different platform. This could be a potential money maker. Other social networks will need to be ready for competition as there is a lot of room for this.

Users will be able to divert traffic to their individual sites using this feature. It is a well-known ad-feature similar to the one that Google unrestricted a few years back.

It is understood that Bebuzee have managed contracts with several high traffic sites. We’re actually talking beyond three thousand. This is extremely crucial for users to be able to push their advertising to their desired audience.

People are craving for the services of Bebuzee. On the downside only a fraction of this world are aware, hence this article plus many others including users will be working closely to see what can be achieved.

This modern technology is said to be the future of marketing and advertising. What Bebuzee have created is to possibly overturn billions of dollars in revenue. Something Google have only achieved a fraction of to this date.

As you may already be aware if you are a current Bebuzee user. Bebuzee’s excellent new feature involves the user to be able to blog whenever they wish while simply making a living from those who choose to view these. Social media enthusiasts know that making any sort of revenue in this day and age is extremely difficult as the levels of competition just go through the roof. Bebuzee have realised that making a simple change and coming up with a clever bit of kit could ultimately become the next big thing in the tech world. In order to achieve this they welcome the all new Blogbuz.

So to begin, Blogbuz is a service which allows any Bebuzee user to post content via a blog and have the options and abilities to share it where and when they wish to. In fact it can also be shared on numerous other social network mediums using the share icons below the posts. Sharing is extremely important within Bebuzee as, whatever other users decide to click on or view will result in the poster making a small bit of revenue. The great thing at the moment is that every user who wishes to sign up to Bebuzee opens their account with one dollar. So sign up, login and you have simply made yourself some money. Sound too good to be true? Well it is very good and it is very true. So going back to where we started. There are two sections to Blogbuz. There is tab on your profile which takes you to ‘Create a new blog,’ and if you scroll right down, you are able to see all of your previously written blogs. However, the actual Blogbuz button is under another icon tab in the form of a three parallel lines. Via this you are able to navigate through and read various other blog posts. Remember every time you read on one, that user will be rewarded.

All amounts of money made through Bebuzee’s Revenue Sharing system is also accessible via the users’ profile. So that you will always be in control of how much you are earning and see how many impressions or clicks you have been receiving.

Adding to this, if you haven’t heard of Rate My Pic then you most probably have to check it out. Basically, users add photos to their gallery within their profile, as per usual. So these images will be accrued via all Bebuzee users and once collected, they will appear in Rate my Pic. The brilliant thing about this is that every time your photo or picture appears in Rate my Pic and is rated, an impression will be added to your account. This only means one thing. You are making money! The conclusive moral of this social network is to make sure users’ have something to smile about to share with the world.

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