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NYSC Corp Member flies Self-made Drone at Orientation Camp

LAUTECH Computer Science Graduate flied a Surveillance Drone he made for N20 000 at NYSC Orientation Camp in Osun State; the Drone made by Olaolu Ayoola was flied for 10 min and could even lapse 20 min in the air and can go 500metre distance.Corp member made drone

Olaolu Ayoola is a graduate of Computer Science; Faculty of Engineering of my Alma Mata; Ladoke Akintola University of Technology.

The Osun State NYSC Orientation camp was full of ovation, applaud and surprise when Olaolu displayed a self made drone in the presence of fellow corers, the Osun State NYSC coordinator, Military offices and the state Deputy Governor; Mrs. Titi Laoye-Tomori at the Batch “C” orientation closing ceremony for 2014.

The drone flew up and stayed in air for 10 min performing surveillance around the orientation camp with the built in camera Olaolu has made on it.

The military officers assigned to the state orientation camp described the drone as a great innovation.

The drone can stay in the air for 20min and capable of flying up to 500 meters.

The said drone mount 2.4G radio transmitter and a camera able to carry out live recording of event which was monitored on a blackberry phone.

Olaolu who has in-built passion for aeronautics said the device can be useful for politicians in hosting their flag and will also be an innovation for monitoring large farms.

He said this type of drone if well developed could be deployed to fly around farmland as large as 20 hectares to monitor activities from a remote area.

Other applications could be for traffic situation and case of flooding.

Olaolu said he built this mouth opening gadget with a budget over N20, 000; larger sizes that could stay for hours flying farther distance and higher altitude could be built if the fund is available.

The deputy governor who was impressed with the drone commended Olaolu and advice him to assemble youths in the community to which he was posted and teach them this kind of innovation.

The State NYSC coordinator Mr. Abada Okpiroro also commended the corps member for his innovation.

  1. Olawale Daniel

    December 19, 2014 at 8:26 am

    Wow! This is a great news for the institution and the federal republic of Nigeria as a whole. I just hope the Fed. can just help the guy with fund to start producing these powerful drones in large quantity for distribution to companies all over the country and outside.

  2. dayo daniel

    December 27, 2014 at 8:22 pm

    great and encouraging story of NIgerian innovativeness. Time to start encouraging innovativess to unlock Nigeria’s intellectual potentials through functional patent and property rights’ legislations and efficient venture capitalist investments. However the reporting was terrible, let the reporter mind his/her English grammar


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