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Eutelsat and Spacecom Partner To Foster Digital Entertainment in Africa

Eutelsat and Spacecom: The partnership is set to unite the channel profile of both companies’ satellites which will reach over 100 free-to-air African and international channels.

Eutelsat and spacecom partners to foster digital entertainment in africa

An agreement has been signed between one of the world’s leading satellite companies, Eutelsat and Spacecom in a partnership which both firms say will improve the quality and effectiveness of broadcasting services on the continent of Africa as well as drive growth in the digital entertainment sector in Africa. The partnership is set to unite the channel profile of both satellites which will reach over 100 free-to-air African and international channels that will be within the reach of run-of-the-mill 80cm dishes over a wide coverage area in excess of 30 million homes situated significantly in Francophone Africa and also includes major markets like Ghana and Nigeria.

Rodney Benn, Eutelsat’s Regional Vice President for Africa, speaking about the partnership said: “This agreement between Eutelsat and Spacecom shows how neighboring operators can combine their strengths to offer Africa’s broadcast community the full benefits of their expertise.” He went on to add that Spacecom as one of the most inventive satellite companies on the African scene had attracted Eutelsat and expressed keenness to work together with them to build quality and relevant content for TV viewers in the region. Speaking on behalf of Spacecom, Amir Carmeli, Spacecom’s Senior Vice President Sales, West Africa and France stated that Africa’s large and evolving market made the partnership vital as it would lead to better viewer experience across the continent by centralizing and harnessing the joint competencies and assets of both companies.

Building on their respective knowledge of the African broadcast marketplace, both operators would unite their commercial investments to propel more growth at the 16-17 degree East position, which is the preeminent DTH and free-to-air video neighborhood in West Africa. Launched in 2011, both companies’ satellites, the EUTELSAT 16A and AMOS-5 satellites, are equipped with the same Ku-band African footprints and can host free-to-air channels, pay-TV or DTT services.

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