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Facebook Launches Groups App For Andriod and iOS

Facebook announces new Groups app for Android and iOS users to enhance user experience on mobile devicesNew Facebook group app

Facebook has given a debut to its new Groups application on Android and iOS to further incorporate snappier accessibility of groups for users on mobile devices. In a blog post put up recently, Shirley Sun, Product Manager of the company explained that the thinking behind the new app is to help Facebookers share faster and more conveniently amongst all the groups they are part of. The app’s release is a result of the social networking behemoth’s Creative Labs project which has been working towards an independent Groups app for some time.

Speaking on how the app would work, Sun said that upon opening the app, Facebook users would be able to view all their Facebook groups in one place, with the groups arranged in descending order of frequency of use. The app would also enable several functions including giving users the ability to use a single click on create to start a new group. Users will also be able to keep track of all notifications and easily determine which of those notifications they would want to view. A new ‘discover’ tab will allow users to see suggested groups, generated based on pages presently being followed and the groups that friends belong to as well as their location.

On how the new app would impact on group functionality on desktops and other devices presently without the dedicated Groups app, Facebook assured that there would be no compromise in the quality of group functionality in uncovered devices, with the company committed as always to exploring every option to make the platform faster and better during the course of its development. The Groups app for Facebook can be found on Google Play Store and the Apple Store for Android and iOS users respectively. The Groups app comes amidst a host of interface and policy changes Facebook is implementing to keep users engaged for longer on the network by increasing speed and convenience and consequently enhance user experience and loyalty.



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