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Google ‘Startup Launch Programme’ Comes to Africa

Google aims to provide African tech-focused startups with resources to boost ICT growth.

Startup launch

Google has presented its Startup Launch programme to entrepreneurs across African in countries such as Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa and Uganda. Entrepreneurs who attended the launch in their hundreds were introduced to ideas and methods on using Google products to boost and fast track their tech startups. According to Google, more than 200 startups in Africa and over 3, 000 entrepreneurs in 150 countries have revamped their ideas into sprouting websites, services, apps and products and Google believes it can aid in jumpstarting such startups.

Startup Launch is an initiative started in June 2014 by Google with the aim of providing platforms in all stages with the platform, resources, online content, mentorship and training needed to succeed. It teaches startups how to monetize their ideas using Google APIs and tools, helps with design tips as well as distribution of apps, features in events and much more. Google has encouraged entrepreneurs working on a startup or looking to grow an already existing one to take advantage by applying to the programme which aside from offering global exposure also gives participants free product credits for Google products such as Google Cloud Computing and Adword, to name a few.

Startups across Africa have already begun to take advantage of the offering with startups like Hotels.ng, Jobberman, PrepClass and Genii Games tapping into the resources made available by Startup Launch. With some countries projecting ICT to become one of the largest contributors to GDP in Africa in the next decade, Google’s Startup Launch will have been received favorably by governments keen to assist facilitators of ICT growth in their economies.

Applicants for Google Startup Launch will have to be technology-focused startups with well-articulated and high potential ideas and missions. Startups will be divided into and evaluated in three different phases namely Start, Build and Grow. Selected startups will subsequently be contacted by e-mail to confirm their inclusion in the programme. Google Startup Launch: Apply here

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