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New Online Store, Householdmax, Launches in Nigeria

A new online store targeting families with busy schedules with work and school such as those with dual career parents has made its debut in Nigeria.


A new online store, Householdmax.com, has opened for business in Nigeria and it will aim to provide the needs of busy households with little time due to the demands of work and school. The new company looking to berth itself in Nigeria’s increasingly populated and competitive internet shopping market says its vision is to offer customers convenience in running their households despite tight schedules.

The company’s inventory will cover a specifically selected range of essential household products including edibles such as foods, drinks as well as cleaning products, toiletries, baby supplies, healthcare products, school items for children, storage products such as trunks, tanks and vases along with gifts and gift wrapping paraphernalia. In a statement released to announce the launch of the online shopping portal, the company’s Director, Mrs Aisha Tinubu, said that Householdmax.com has been established with the intention of easing up the exertions of Nigerians, particularly busy professionals and parents saddled with the responsibility of juggling care of the household with important commitments at work. Householdmax would seek to remove the burden of expending valuable time picking up needed household items from different shops that currently rests on such individuals.

She added that the idea behind the store was birthed after research which revealed that a rising number of Nigerians, markedly among women and mothers, struggled to make time within their crammed schedules to go shopping at different outlets for household items essential to home-making. Furthermore, specialty products like anti-allergy and hypoallergenic products for children were discovered to be another uncovered market area. To meet up with demand efficiently, its Director disclosed that the company had taken up the services of a seasoned procurement unit with over two decades’ worth of retail experience while it has floated a special reward programme for shoppers who patronize its online shop, householdmax, this festive season.



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