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Microsoft and Spectra Wireless Combine Efforts in TV White Space Network in Ghana

Microsoft 4Afrika initiative and Spectra Wireless have partnered to launch Africa’s maiden TV White Spaces in Ghana through a new commercial service network.TV white spaces in Ghana


Microsoft through its 4Afrika initiative has collaborated with Spectra Wireless to launch the very first service network in Africa powered by TV White Spaces for commercial activities in Ghana. The thrust of the initiative is to enable university students’ access to internet bundles that will be affordable as well as fast. It additionally aims to provide support for increased smartphone penetration in that demographic by making available zero-interest financing for new device purchases. Among the packages on the service network is the cheapest data package that allows users 24-hour access to internet at the cost of two Ghana cedi per twenty-four hour duration.

These developments which are expected to increase student access are hinged on TV white space technology first test run in May of last year. In this regard, Spectra Wireless played a pioneering role in being the first company to utilize TV white space technology to actualize internet access to consumers in Africa. The structure of the new commercial service network allows university students buy high-speed internet plans and use important applications such as Microsoft 365, The Microsoft Academy in addition to applying for zero-interest loans provided by collaborating local banks including UT Bank to acquire quality internet-ready devices from brands like Microsoft, Lenovo, Dell and HP.

With Africa’s continuing growth in mobile broadband access and use, the move by Microsoft and Spectra Wireless appears auspicious. In 2014, Africa was at the fore of growth with broadband penetration rising up to 20%, an impressively expeditious leap forward from 2% in 2010. Microsoft 4Afrika initiative is committed to providing support for entrepreneurship and education across the continent through the platform of ICT and Spectra Wireless continues to pursue its vision of building the next generation of wireless networks in Africa.


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