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MTN Launches ‘Better Me 2015” As It Hits 60 Million Subscribers

Better Me 2015: MTN Nigeria has claimed that its subscriber base rose to 60 million subscribers in December 2014 while admonishing users to better manage data usage.


In recent times, the regulatory body for the telecommunications sector, the Nigerian Communications Commission, revealed statistics that placed MTN Nigeria atop the industry in terms of subscriber base. Now, MTN Nigeria has disclosed that its subscriber base has continued to expand and arrived at the 60 million mark in December of last year.

The telecoms giant made the disclosure at the launch of its new initiative ‘Better Me 2015’ in Lagos. The ‘Better Me 2015’ initiative is an app-driven project designed to increase value rendered to subscribers. The ‘Better Me 2015’ application is to provide a unique data package designed specifically for software that subscribers can use to surf the internet in an affordable and satisfactory manner. The new package has been touted as a foundation revolution for MTN and indeed the sector as a whole especially as it pertains to provision of data services. With the continual drift in emphasis from voice and more than 100 million active subscribers in the country, the ICT sector in the country has reached a level of maturity to promote data packages and services akin to those found in established telecoms markets.

These sentiments were aired by MTN Corporate Affairs General Manager, Mrs Onajide, who also stated that MTN had 60 million of the 100 million active subscribers in the country at the terminus of 2014. The app for Better Me 2015 is to be integrated with MTN services and will supply current information about a wide range of subjects. The app will allow visits to web pages such as job boards, search engines, news, local language websites and many other portals for useful information.


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