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MTN says Nigerian monetary unit (Naira) devaluation can cut price

Naira Devaluation can help bring price low – MTN

Devaluation of Nigerian naira

MTN Nigeria has expressed concern over the downward impact which devaluation of the currency can cause in the economy with the telecoms industry as a case study. The weaker Nigerian currency which would be the result of the devaluation would additionally scale back prices in MTN’s biggest African market. The Nigerian market is said to be the biggest of MTN’s twenty two operations across Africa. It contributed quite a 3rd of the revenue that was accrued within the first half of this year which was 72.8b. Nigeria’s apex financial institution debased the Nigerian monetary unit by eight per cent once Governor Godwin Emefiele admitted. Plunging oil costs were creating a reason to defend the currency against a slide.

To this end, MTN Nigeria decided to quantify the impact this will have on its revenues. The devaluation was triggered by a sharply weaker inter-bank Nigerian monetary unit rate over the last 2 months. However, it also noted that the currency’s movement would further pull back its prices. The telecoms operators had earlier on mentioned that it tries to own as massive little as potential of prices in every operation denominated in the naira, this in turn might successively provide some remedy against the current downward movement experienced.

Although the Nigerian naira is close to a record low position as against the greenback, it is doing a little better than the South African rand, MTN’s reportage currency stated. The naira has been down trodden by a whooping rate of nearly seven per cent as against the rand this year.

Being dubbed the giants of Africa, Nigeria’s Naira currency when devalued will lead to a record break down in infrastructure, service delivery and efficient development in and around the country. In this vein, Mtn Nigeria is speaking out against it proffering a means of growing

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