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Online Shop for Used Phones with Warranty, Obiwezy.com, Launches in Nigeria

Continuing the trend of growth in the ecommerce sector, Obiwezy.com has launched its service which allows customers buy warranty-backed secondhand devices in Nigeria.


Obiwezy.com, yet another ecommerce company has come on the scene in Nigeria’s fast-growing online shopping market to cater to the market for secondhand mobile devices in the country. Unlike some other online shops which provide only new devices with warranty or used phones and gadgets without warranty, Obiwezy.com says whatever used gadgets it sells will come with warranty, reducing the risk that customers take purchasing previously used phones, tablets or laptops.

Obiwezy.com, according to its founders, has come full circle since its humble beginnings at Ikeja’s infamous Computer Village where they say it built a reputation for integrity and competence in the used phones retail market. The transition to the electronic platform is expected to greatly broaden the company’s reach and was facilitated by 440.ng which supported the ecommerce startup spearheaded by founders, Ajibade Oluwatosin and Obafemi Onanuga.

Speaking in an interview, the founders explained that because the desire of Nigerians to own the latest devices is often frustrated by prohibitively high costs and limited contract-based purchases, many Nigerians turn to the market for fairly used mobile devices. Onanuga said that in the past such fairly used alternatives would have to be sought out by a trip to Computer Village where the latest devices could be purchased at lower prices without any marked differences between the fairly used devices and brand new ones.

He said Obiwezy was set out to offer a more convenient and secure way for customers to purchase used gadgets by giving them a platform to buy secondhand devices without having to pay a visit to Ikeja. The provision of warranty would be unprecedented in selling used phones in the market and will increase security for buyers, Onanuga added.

In addition to selling used phones with warranty, Obiwezy will also assist users in appraising devices that those users may wish to put on the market. Beyond its website, obiwezy.com, the company has also developed an app for Android which is available for free on Google Play.


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