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Orange Klif, the Firefox OS Phone debuts in Africa

Firefox OS smartphones that we reported that is in the packs awhile ago has went on sale in Madagascar and Senegal. The new Firefox operating system powered phone is called, Orange Klif, and it is exclusively manufactured for popular French telecom service provider, Orange. The Alcatel smartphone is extremely cheaper with 3G+ internet connectivity. With stylish features such Dual core MediaTek CPU packaged with 512MB RAM, 3.5* HVGA display, and a 2 megapixel camera with 1400 mAh battery for power backup, and its speed of about 21Mbps.

Intending Firefox OS users should not be in an overjoyed mode yet, it is nowhere to be ranked not to talk of competing with the famous and well established leaders in the mobile OS industry such as Apple and Android.  It seamlessly run on optimized Firefox operating system designed specifically for flawless web browsing experience.Orange Klif 3G Volcano Black smartphone

Adreas Gal, Firefox CTO says in its release:

“We are pleased to partner with Orange to bring the mobile Web presence to users in a substantial number of new growth markets across Africa and the Middle-East; I am also thrilled to see how the impending arrival of Firefox operating system has created enthusiasm in the local Mozilla communities.”

Firefox is trying to introduce its flagship Orange Klif to people who have never used or owned any type of phone – basically first time smartphone users in the new and emerging smartphone market in Middle-east and Africa is the major target. They want more people in remote places to come online which aren’t quite possible without this 3G smartphone. Gazing back at statement released at the Mobile World Conference 2015 in February by Mozilla and Orange, they stated categorically that Africa is their main focal point for business. You will to a degree agree that it is a wise decision for an intending new market entrant like Firefox in partnership with Orange to make affordable smartphone obtainable for emerging markets like that of Africa where there’s huge potential for significant growth and record breaking sales.

What do you think about new Orange Klif phone? Knowing fully that it is Firefox OS-powered phone, not the popular Android or iOS platform; do you think Klif could be the game changer for the unreached Africa and middle-east smartphone markets? Let me know your thoughts!

Thanks to Firefox for providing us the information.

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