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No more Use of Telephones in Nigerian prisons – Minister

Minister of Interior bans use of telephones in Nigerian prisons; Officers commanded to submit mobile phones at resumptionuse of telephone in prison banned

No more use of telephones in or around Nigerian prisons. This is the latest directive coming from the federal government of Nigeria as regards prisons in the country.

The directive came through the Minister of Interior Mr. Abba Moro this weekend in Abuja during an interactive session and meeting with top officers of the Nigerian Prisons Service (NPS) ordering that the directive be taken with utter seriousness and strict obedience.

He further added that a good session where officers and other prison staff will be screened and their phones submitted only to be returned upon close of work for the day making it that there is no way they go in with phones into the prisons.

To achieve this, the minister gave them a one month (thirty day) ultimatum during which they are tasked with the responsibility of retrieving all telephones and related devices from all prison inmates across the country.

The minister also spoke about indecent dressing in the prisons by the inmates noting short skirts and sagging as samples, he expressed deep worry over the situation and to this end he ordered that no prison inmate should be allowed to wear his personal wears irrespective of the person’s status in the society. Prison uniforms are therefore compulsory now with zero exceptions.

The need for the meeting was to discuss recent attacks on the prison formations across the country allowing many prisoners to escape from such attacked facilities amongst which the attack on the Koton-Karfi prison in kogi state being the most recent.

The prisons service is one of the key sectors under the ministry of interior headed by Comrade Abba Moro and it has gained his attention since he was appointed but with the recent trend his attention had to be increased thus the convening of the meeting.


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