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Safaricom Cuts Rate in 21 Countries around the World

Telecoms provider, Safaricom, has made major strides in making services cheaper for its subscribers in 21 countries by securing reductions in roaming rates.

Safaricom Kenyan 4G Network

Global telecoms service provider, Safaricom has made significant progress in cutting down costs for its customers. Through a series of partnerships and collaborations with technical partners around the world and regional governments, Safaricom has succeeded in negotiating considerable cuts in the roaming rates for subscribers on its service.

The implications of the newly achieved roaming rates will include the enablement of subscribers on its service in the affected 21 countries to benefit from significantly lesser roaming rates. The 21 affected countries cut across diverse global locations such as North and Central Africa, Europe and New Zealand and include Italy, Malta, Ireland, Greece, Ghana, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mozambique, Lesotho, United Kingdom, Portugal and Turkey to name a few. In each of the affected countries, Safaricom has clinched agreements which will not only reduce roaming rates but add value added services in some cases.

For instance, for travellers subscribed with Safaricom heading to the United Arab Emirates, not only are call rates to shrink by as much as 85%, they will also be able purchase data for 90 percent less with costs dropping from Sh1,020 per megabyte to Sh100 per megabyte. In Egypt, the new agreements will also have practical impact by reducing costs from Sh900 to Sh200 for ten minutes of talk time. In bringing these massive cut costs to its customers, Safaricom has worked hand in hand with a range of telecoms giants across regions such as Etisalat and Vodafone. Its collaboration with Etisalat was a catalyst to achieving its cost reductions in the UAE while connections with Vodafone many affiliates enabled affect voice, data and SMS services in all the 21 countries.

Chief Executive Officer of Safaricom, Mr Bob Collymore said the move was indicative of Safaricom’s commitment to always putting its customers first. To get more information about the new roaming rates, customers can dial *200# for PostPay subscribers and *100# for PrePay subscribers and follow the relevant instructions.


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