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Tigo Ghana Strikes Maintenance Partnership Agreement with Ericsson

Ghanaian telecoms company, Tigo Ghana, has revealed a partnership with electronics and telecoms giant, Ericsson,in order to increase the quality of network service delivery and maintenance.


According to a press release by Tigo Ghana, it has struck a deal with electronics and telecoms firm, Ericsson, who will manage all of Tigo’s network maintenance as well as boost its connectivity nationwide, thereby meeting the goal of enhanced service delivery to Tigo’s customers.

Roshi Motman, Tigo Ghana CEO while revealing the partnership, said the partnership would bring about significant improvement of the company’s network while increasing the spread and scope of Tigo in the country’s rural locations.

Motman also said the partnership will be a basis for guaranteed network quality and thus maximum optimisation and use which are highly important for improved customer experience.
In a report by GhanaWeb, Motman added the following to the release: “Tigo Ghana is going to leverage on their expertise to offer our customers a reliable and seamless network experience”. Motman explained that although Tigo like other telecom companies are core to their operations, companies like Ericsson are market leaders who have set the pace and are renowned for telecommunications services the world over.

Motman conversely reiterated his belief that the partnership will make chance for Tigo Ghana to be opportune to focus on delivering the quality service delivery for its customers and at the same time manage their ever-growing network both in the urban areas and the countryside.
“This partnership will also guarantee network quality and bring about maximum usage for their customers, this is crucial for increased service delivery index which is crucial for the growth, development and expansion which Tigo needs.” Roshi further emphasised after the release.

As per the partnership deed, Ericsson will manage all maintenance and operations of Tigo Ghana’s active network among other sections of their company’s tele-activities.

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