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Ugandan Revenue Authority take giant step in Combating Phone Smugglers

Revenue Authority in Uganda fights Phone Smugglers

Ugandan revenue authority combat phone smugglers

The Ugandan Revenue Authority (URA) has finally discovered a route patronized by people who import mobile devices into Uganda, and it conjointly impounded a variety of mobile devices to the worth of UGX thirty four Million.

According to The Monitor, the smugglers were using the route close to the niegbouring nation of Rwanda border so as to ferry in mobile devices from Rwanda.

Spokesperson for the URA Mrs. Banage Sarah, has declared that: “The Uganda-Rwanda border has not been referred to as a importation route for mobile devices till recently when one of our control teams followed up a recent tip that led to that place.”

She conjointly declared that since Rwanda charges lower taxes on mobile phones than other nations, mobile devices square measure cheaper than those in other African nations like Uganda.

Mr. Banage conjointly uncovered that as a result of the porosity of Uganda-Rwanda border, smugglers bring electronic gadgets – together with mobile phones in bulk – into their homes within the districts of Ntungamo and Isingiro. They then move the devices to the market so as to avoid detection and subsequent prosecution.

Uganda’s tax collectors are concentrating their police work on Republic of Kenya and Tanzania borders like Mutukula, Busia and Malaba…. wherever importation has accumulated. A smuggler, once caught, is predicted to pay taxes for the black-market product additionally to a fine mistreated on the vehicle being exploitation – reported the Monitor.

Smuggled phones and other devices from various parts of europe are in sight in most African markets, these devices mostly don’t have import permits and are thus just brought into the country sneakily and sold for hundred per cent profit without paying taxes to the local revenue authorities. The Ugandan Revenue Authority has in sight of this made a bold step in combating the activities of these smugglers.

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