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Nigerian Subscribers Decry Unsolicited Mobile Marketing

Nigerians frowns at mobile marketing scams and spams; unsolicited callertunes charges, call adverts, SMS spams from operators and third party intruders, urges NCC to take quick action.

Mobile scam and spam

In a recently conducted survey by the Nigerian Television Authority, Nigerian subscribers have lamented unsolicited mobile marketing as practiced by some telecoms providers in the country. The sample of respondents taken within proximity of Computer Village in Ikeja, spoke of their dislike for messages advertising services they do not want and deductions from their balances for services which they have not opted into.


Chief among these services is the Callertune service, alternatively called Ring Back Tone( RBT) which networks foist on subscribers unknown to them. The disruptive nature of such unsolicited mobile marketing was also emphasized. A respondent said that unsolicited mobile marketing was particularly disruptive when an important message or a bank credit alert was being expected. Respondents demanded protection through sector regulators from wanton mobile messaging that are sometimes hijacked by fraudsters asking subscribers for private information or money to claim fictitious prizes they have won.

The Nigeria Association of Telecom Subscribers also denounced the practice in strong terms, detailing efforts to bring the practice which is called legally untenable to a stop. It said it had written to telecoms providers as well as the National Communications Commission (NCC) stating its position on the matter and already had a case in court over a related incident.

On its part the NCC, speaking through its Director of Corporate Affairs said it has charged providers in the sector to strengthen encryption to secure subscribers from fraud and curb the practice of sending unsolicited mobile marketing to them. He said that deductions from credit balance of customers without their knowledge or consent is not permitted and that providers found erring would be penalized while asserting that the

NCC is working to ensure that unsolicited mobile marketing is a thing of the past.


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