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Security Alert! Webcam hackers are spying inside your homes

Warnings! Webcam hackers are spying inside your homes and publishing the feeds online, learn to protect yourself now from such a powerful brand.

A Russian-based website has been reported indulging in the practices of publishing thousands of direct live feeds of users’ activities ranging from office activities to in-house activities. The report stated categorically that the website contains thousands of information from baby monitors, CCTV cameras and computer webcams from users across the world. Some of the main victims of this would be those who doesn’t have second-thought of the side effect of using web camera and other tracking tools.

The ICO has thereby urged users across the world to upgrade their login passwords so as to protect themselves from hackers intruding into their privacy. There’s about 500 active feeds from businesses and homes across the United Kingdom alone, which also includes a bedroom apartment in Birmingham, a gym located in Manchester, and an office located in Leicester.Webcam hackers are spying inside your homes

The negative impact this could have on these entities cannot be quantified, and that’s why we’re imploring everyone to act as soon as possible on this information.

While asked about the incident, Simon Rice, the group manager on technology at ICO, while broadcasting the warning, he said:”The website is based in Russia, and it accesses the information posted on its platform by using the default login credentials by users, which are freely available online, for thousands of cameras.

“The footage is being collected from security cameras used by businesses and members of the public, from CCTV networks used to keep large premises secure, to built-in cameras that comes with baby monitors.”

This is the kind of threat that all of us [end users] need to be aware of, and be quick in taking proactive steps to protect ourselves and families against it.

However, “when asked for extra-security measure to take in preventing our webcam or CCTV systems from being compromised by hackers, he responded saying: ‘Cover the lens’ in a funny way. Many people monitor their homes using remote access over the internet while they are away from home.

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Please heed the warnings and protect your loved ones from webcam hackers across the world.

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