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WhatsApp Cleans Up its House with Bans to Unofficial App Users

WhatsApp presses on with its recent changes both in policy and software design as it has now moved to ban users opting for its services via unauthorized apps.whatsapp ban unofficial users


Users who use unauthorized apps in lieu of WhatsApp’s official application could be in for a rude awakening. The social messaging giant has moved to clean up such unofficial services by placing temporary bans on users who patronize unauthorized third party apps to access WhatsApp. The most popular of such unofficial applications used to access WhatsApp is WhatsApp Plus, which allows users customize the theme and appearance of conversations on WhatsApp and reduce size restrictions for attachment of video and sound media. Additionally, it also enabled users stop others from knowing the last time they logged into their WhatsApp account.

Users gaining access to WhatsApp through apps such as WhatsApp Plus will now face a temporary Whatsapp ban lasting for 24 hours during which they would be disallowed from gaining access to the messaging service on that account. WhatsApp based its decisions to clean up such unauthorized usage through third party apps on the safety concerns surrounding the source code used by such apps. The company said that it could not be assured of the safety of private information of users which could be passed on to third parties without the knowledge or authorization of users of the app.

Users who face the whatsapp ban will be required to uninstall unauthorized third party apps such as WhatsApp Plus and get the official versions of WhatsApp across the various platforms before they can access WhatsApp again after the 24 hour ban interval elapses. Confirming the move by WhatsApp, a Google+ post by one of the moderators of a WhatsApp Plus community stated that it had received a cease and desist letter from WhatsApp forcing it to discontinue download links and terminate the development community on Google+.

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