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Using Whatsapp? Get ready for Spammers’ Invasion soon!

Whatsapp improve security on android

Facebook-owned WhatsApp may soon be opened for brands to communicate and engage with their customers paving ways for stealth whatsapp spams campaigns.

IBADAN: – Facebook is planning to open its flagship mobile messaging service for businesses to communicate and engage with their customers in real-time.

We have all heard of the record-breaking $22 billion acquisition of Whatsapp by Facebook (the world’s largest social network). Months after its acquisition it has continued on the upward slope with its user base fastly moving towards the 1 billion mark, and there are lots of potentials looking at this staggering record of growth. And this alone could be a latent quality for monetizing the service, but it would also allow brands to enjoy direct access to users, hence, make them vulnerable to spam advertising campaigns from brands and online marketers that would be bidding to have a cut of the cake [800 million users!].

According to a report published by IndiaTimes, telemarketers are already taking advantage of the platform using it to send unwanted, unrelated, and irrelevant promotional messages to existing users. Although, I cannot comment on this yet until I can prove it to be true.

Meanwhile, David Wehner, Facebook CTO, first spoke about this development at a tech conference held in Boston early this year, according to BloomBerg. He was quoted as saying:

“We think that enabling a business to consumer [B2C] messaging feature has good business opportunity for us. As we learn about those things, I think there is going to be opportunities to integrate some of those features into WhatsApp, but it is going to be much long term feature than now.”

With this news, one may agree that Facebook has started thinking of potential ways to regain the $22b spent for its acquisition by allowing brands and marketers on the platform which would eventually result into inflow of cash. Looking back at what they did early this year, Facebook opened the door to its messenger service, allowing shoppers to communicate directly with retailers and developers to create apps for sale.

And it is believed that some of the functionalities that was tested and used in the Facebook Messenger app might be copied into Whatsapp pretty soon.

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