Phone Services for Fleets: Getting It Right
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Phone Services for Fleets: Getting It Right

Phone Services for Fleets

When you’re operating a fleet on the road, communications are your biggest single issue. Shuffling resources, pickups and urgent works are key issues. Your business phone systems literally define the business’s capabilities. They can also define the business’s weak points and areas where performance leaves something to be desired.

Fleet Mobile Systems Basics

Fleet mobile systems are really extensions of your business system. They need to be able to access people and information extremely reliably. This is an area where guesswork is a liability, and mistakes and misinformation cost money. Best practice in this field is to get the very best phone system you can find, preferably a system with a lot of flexibility and built-in, simple operations.

The interfaces with customers and the fleet are the major issues. The fleet needs to be able to work with your information systems, and customers need to be in the loop regarding their issues.Phone Services for Fleets

These factors mean your system requires:

  • A quick turnaround and high turnover capability- Keeping work moving and managing issues ASAP is the name of the game in fleet management, and it’s your office phone system and intranet which experience the demands. You can have a pretty basic mobile system onboard your fleet, but your business phone system has to be up to speed with your business systems.
  • Good customer service setup- Calls can come in like the tide, and managing them can be a real problem. As a matter of fact, when you’re dealing with lots of calls, the best option is improving access to contacts, rather than setting times and KPIs on phone calls. The better your phone service, the better your business operations and customer service will be.
  • Customization- Whatever your business, you’ll have particular needs for your phone system. That in turn means that you need to have a phone system which can be structured to match your business operations easily.

The Good News

Modern telephone systems are based on a very practical approach. Instead of a hardware system with its limitations, the new systems are based on servers and software. They’re infinitely more efficient and easier to manage than the old systems.

The best new phone systems include:

  • Dedicated phone servers- These servers work exactly the same way as internet or email servers. They manage calls very efficiently, and they have excellent capacity.
  • Virtual PBX systems- With digital technology, naturally, come digital phone systems with much more efficient call management options. The virtual PBX systems are designed to manage the full spectrum of business phone system operations.
  • Software- New “contact centre” software allows a lot of flexibility to manage your phone systems the way you want. You can manage up to 1000 extensions on these software packages, allocate your resources, assign new phone numbers to new business operations, etc. with minimal fuss. A few clicks will do the job.

For fleet management, this is magical. You can operate your entire fleet on an easily managed, simple, and above all highly efficient basis. If you’re looking for a new phone system for business, check out your options. You’ll be amazed.

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