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Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 review with price

The Samsung Galaxy Ace 218160 is a bit bigger phone, but slimmer more than the original Ace, it is slightly more compact than the Samsung Galaxy S, the smartphone measures 118.3 x 62.2 x 10.5 mm and weighs 122g. Now, we have just reviewed the new samsung galaxy ace 2 with all of its awesome features. Apart from sharing all the details of the new Samsung galaxy ace 2 with you, we have embedded a widget for you to order it directly from our trusted Amazon store at a discounted price. Imagine getting the Galaxy Ace 2 for half of your expected price, how would you feel? Excited right? Now, feel it!

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 Review

Standard retail Package
The Galaxy Ace 2 retail package comes with just a micro USB cable (aff), a compact charger, and a specially made headset that has a single button remote.

Design and controls
The phone has much more resemblance of a compact Galaxy S, that helps its identity brand. Despite its increase in screen size, the Galaxy Ace 2 remained relatively compact.

A proximity sensor is placed above the display, but it possesses no ambient sensor. Making comparation to the original Ace, the addition that the Galaxy Ace 2 has is a front-facing VGA camera (aff).

Under the display is an arrangement of three keys, that Samsung has seriously taken to be its trademark layout. In the middle is the hardware homekey, along with two capacitive buttons on either side- Back and Menu. The capacitive key backlighting has a dedicated setting for a duration, and it can remain on if you like it that way. The entire screen possess haptics disable, like the on entry level headsets in the Samsung Galaxy Y and Galaxy Fit, so there is no way to enable vibration on press.
Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 review

The lanyard eyelet, volume rocketer, top to bottom, and the microSD card slot covered with a plastic flap is all placed on the left side of the Samsung Galaxy Ace 218160. The Micro USB card slot (aff) can handle cards upto 32GB after the 4GB in built storage has already ran out.

The right side carries the Power/Lock key, that makes it easily and conveniently accessible with both the left-hand index finger or the right-hand thumb, based in which hand is holding the phone.

A 3.5mm standard audio jack, together with a small crevice to removing the back panel is placed on the top side of the phone. The microUSB port is built for both charging and data transfer.

The Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 has an almost completely flat back with a very subtle diamond pattern. It feels nice touching the plastic and almost no finger prints appears on it when hold.

The 5MP camera lens is placed in the middle near the top at the back, along with the LED flash. You will have to be carefull as the lens is exposed and susceptible to scratch if not finger print just like in the original Ace.

The loudspeaker grill is also placed at the back and it has a small nub to avoid muffling of sound when the phone is placed down on level surface.

The SIM card is slot covered by the battery, the battery is 1500mAh in unit, Samsung says should last up to 7h 30min of telephony or 640h of stand-by on a 3G network. It will last up to 16h 20 min of talk time or 670 h stad-by on 2G.

A battery test conducted on the Galaxy Ace 218160 shows that it has an endurance rating of 43h, this says it is long-lasting, that’s exactly the endurance value of the Galaxy S III and slightly better than that of the Galaxy S II.
The screen is a very good unit and a prominent improvement over the Galaxy Ace. It has a PLS LCD unit with a 3.8″ diagonal. The resolution has more than double that of it predecessor ; WVGA (480 x 800) at 246ppi pixel density.

Its image is now sharp, with good viewing angles and pleasant colors. The screen is reflective, the brightness could have been better, sunlight legibility is less than stellar.

Handling and build quality
The phone has no chin or hump, its build is very solid, it easily slides into the pocket. The Galaxy Ace 2 a bit wide 62.2mm but very comfortable to hold. The only complaint on the phone is its plain plasticky aesthetics.

Operating System
The Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 runs on Android 2.3.6, the Gingerbread and TouchWiz 4.0 launcher.

The lockscreen of the phone is the “drag your finger outside of the circle” type with no shortcuts like that in the Samsung Galaxy S III, except the music player control.

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There is plenty of widgets with so much functionality on the homescreen, it can contain up to 7 homescreen panes. With a pinch zoom, you get an aggregate view of all homescreen panes, which you can rearrange, add or delete.

Like the normal TouchWiz fashion, you have four shortcuts docked at the bottom of the screen that you can view both on the homescreen and in the app drawer. You can configure the first three (Phone, Contacts, Messaging), but the fourth is locked. Its the app drawer/home shortcut, it doesn’t really need to be moved.

You can add widget, shortcuts, folder from a menu that pops up on request at the homescreen bottom. And more, more features!

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  1. Biut Raj Thapa

    July 28, 2012 at 6:40 am

    thanx for info. Android rocks !!!!

  2. Patrick

    July 31, 2012 at 10:11 am

    Of late I have been searching for some good cell phone because I am bored with my old handset. After reading your post, it seems Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 can be a really great option as it has all the necessary features I am looking out for in a phone. A 5mp camera with flash was my ultimate requirement due to my craze for clicking pictures.

  3. MNB Achari

    August 12, 2012 at 5:37 pm

    I used Ace Plus. This is just a revamped model of Ace Plus, I suppose. But many find it good because it is a bit low budget friendly.


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