Slimbox: Cutting the SPAM from your Email Diet
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Slimbox: Cutting the SPAM from your Email Diet

Slimbox: How to slim your inbox spam messages with ease

Do you get tired of being greeted by a wall of unneeded junk emails? Are you frustrated by the thought of an email inbox that is completely unusable? Well then it’s time to learn how to make your inbox become a leaner, meaner version of itself, that can connect you with your friends, family and co-workers without the hassle of working your way through hundreds of spam emails first.

There are many ways in which to ensure your account becomes fighting fit to work best for you and an inbox free of spam is an achievable goal even for those who may not be technology whizzes.

Slimbox: How to slim your inbox spam messages with ease

Don’t sign on the dotted line

Signing your email address up to a site which will then bombard you with information on their latest products, offers or third parties who would be interested in your business is very much an avoidable mistake.

Always read the fine print when giving your email to a company in exchange for an offer or a download; many times it gives you the option of ‘opting out’ of any further feedback from them at a later date. If not, then it can be better to use an older address to test the waters and see whether the profile you’re signing up for is a hot spot for junk email.

Password preparation

Your account can be at its weakest when you have kept the same password since setting it up. This can lead to a ‘Sent’ box full of spam emails that you are unintentionally sending out to other people and this can be just as bad (if not worse) for the health of your account as receiving these sort of emails. Varying your password on your account every few months is a smart way to make sure your outbox does not become phished and compromized.

Software satisfaction

Finding a suitable user interface is the best way to get your email account back in shape. With cloud email services from Mimecast, the archiving of important email and documents is far simpler and as an accompanying software program to MS Office 365 you can cut the junk right out of your inbox and find that you can take the hard work out of keeping your account safe.

These software services provide easier email management and flexible security options to ensure that your personal data is still accessible by you, without getting into the wrong hands. This software is ideal if you want to turn your inbox from a flabby spam-filled slob into a well oiled machine which offers you the best service possible.

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  1. Jitesh Patil

    September 14, 2013 at 5:46 am

    I hates spam box. I firstely see inbox mail. sometime i miss important mail in spam. Its very bad thing to go in spam. Now all mail are categories in tree section. Its nice facility provided.


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