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3 Things That Will Stands You Out Among Others Bloggers

stands-you-outWhen it comes to blogging, it is just like when we’re talking of the normal roadside newspaper which you can buy on the way to your work place or when you are coming back from work in the evening. What different your blog (newspaper magazine) from other bloggers’ own depends on three basis things which can make people to differentiate your own magazine space from others magazines that are available on the net.

The Website Brand Logo

The type of logo your website is using has great effect on its popularity. You should avoid the kind of logos that are very common everywhere. You can hire a logo designer to help you design your website logo so that it can spell out your online magazine better than others.

Your Writing Style

Your readers knows how you write and they know very well about how you make use of words in your writing pitch, some of your readers can detect your guest posts from other blogs once they are familiar with the way you write to them and that’s why you need to step-up your writing style and make sure that you don’t write less valued post on your blog.

The Design of your Blog

The kind of design you put on your blog can have right or wrong impression on people that come to read your article and that can stands you out if you have good design on your blog. If you don’t have much to hire a designer for your blog, it would be very much great for you to choose some of the free good looking themes that are available for free on the internet to use or if you have knowledge of Photoshop and some PHP, you can design your theme by yourself.

Make sure to always use good and well-designed theme for your blog and it will certainly increase your website traffic rate faster than what you have been getting before.

How Do You See Techatlast

I have said earlier on in my past blog post that I’m not gonna change techatlast design sooner but for a very long time but the promise has to change when the formal design went wacky in appearance and it has started to affect the site performance. So that is the reason that made me to change the design to a more beautiful and easy to use one.

Before, I was using a specially PHP designed theme which most of you normally told me about as a nice one but the incident made me to change it because of the crash in the theme code. I tried to correct the errors but it seems hard for me to solve within a very short time. For this reason, you must be careful when trying to use a PHP customized theme if you don’t have necessary knowledge of it at all. I do not say here that I don’t know about designing or managing PHP files a bit but what I’m trying to say is that you should make sure that you are using what you have 80-90% knowledge about so that when the problem starts to come across, you will be able have a fast solution to it.

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