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Fodatic (Techndustries) Startups till date and those in extintion

Techatlast is a tech blog that focuses on latest technology all around the world. It is a product of Fodatic and all of its logo and write-ups are registered trademarks of Fodatic.

Fodatic has series of startups blog and web projects registered under its name and few of them are listed as follows:

Techatlast – Technology Blog, Iphone, Android, WordPress

It is still the best and top technology blog worldwide ranking on top of Google for the keyword, Technology Blog. It covers articles on Gadgets, Android, iPhone, Social Media, Blogging and more.

It is currently ranked #19,000 worldwide on Alexa ranking and PR3 according to Google Page Rank status.

The site presently accepts guest posters as part of its notion to help others build quality backlinks to their respective blogs and websites. And if you want to write Guest Posts for the site, you can easily get access to that from this page.

Also, advertisers are welcome on this blog for partnering with us to gain more from the current exposure that we’ve got over the years. To take advantage of that, simply go to our advertising page for more information.

And if you want your product to get good exposure simply by letting our readers know about it, consider pitching us about the product or service simply by using our product review page for more information.

BoltonHiTech – Tech Blog, iPhone, Android

BoltonHiTech is the second blog on the role which also focuses on Technology, Gadgets, iPhone, Android and all other tech stuffs.

It shares the same view like Techatlast offering free guest posting opportunities for guest posters. And you can advertise on the blog as well simply by contacting us for advertisement placement.

LatestTopJobs – Job sites

Getting good and high paying jobs online and offline is the dream of many people but, few get those. LatestTopJobs offers jobs updates. You can easily get jobs in any of these categories: Finance Jobs, Insurance and other kinds of jobs. This blog as well offer people backlinks when they writes on latest job offer in their localities as a guest posts for us there.

ProComputerTech – Computer Blog

If you are looking for latest Computer News and Articles to read, because it is the best place for all latest laptop computer news. It is truly Pro Computer Technology Blog.

You can as well guest post on this blog as well as other network blogs we have listed here.

ITechWit – iPhone Blog

ITechWit is a top iPhone blog on the internet. The site is owned by the Techatlast Int’l Networks because it was acquired by Techatlast recently and all of its affairs as now be administered by Techatlast Media.

You can as well guest post for us on latest iPhone, Apple and other i-stuffs that you know can be of help to every one of us. But we only accept latest news and articles on iPhone. Top Ten posts also accepted.

What the Future Looks Like for TECHNDUSTRIES and TechAtLast

The future of Techatlast, BoltonHiTech, LatestTopJobs, iTechWit, ProComputerTech and others promises something more fascinating and we believe we’re going to keeps improving every day.

Please join us and let’s move on to the top we’ve all been dreaming of.

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